Friday, August 24, 2012

How To - Make the coolest fridge ever.

First things first.
i'm a horrible person for thinking this gif is funny. and that's okay.

He's a year older and just a little bit closer to being home stateside with me
 and sunshine and roses 
and happiness and glitter 
all sent via good-ju-ju vibes his way.

I *think* I originally saw something like this on pinterest, but I apparently didn't pin it, so I can't actually share my original inspiration.  Sorry to whoever I stole a good idea from.


Whatever the case, fridges.  We have the very good fortune to have gotten an appliance opportunity while we were in Mexico.  We hadn't shipped our fridge, choosing instead to use some of the moving bonus to get a new fridge for our Mexican casa.  And because there is a Whirlpool factory IN Monterrey, and because Fiance had some good connections through work, we got a good deal on a great fridge.  But this post isn't about that fridge.

This post is about the other fridge (the O.F., if you will).  The fridge that we left behind in the states, and when I returned home, found faithfully waiting for me in the kitchen like a loyal dog.  To make room for the newer fridge that we shipped back up from Mexico, the O.F. became a what I believe is a popular societal convention in the 20-30-somethings bracket:  The Beer Fridge.  Which is defined as the old fridge that lives in the garage or basement and houses most/ all of your booze and beer.  Easy access for grilling parties.

Our friend came over one day a few weeks back and helped me schlep the O.F. into the garage (who am I kidding, he moved it and I just kind of stood around and went "erm, am I helping now?").  And yesterday, I carted some beer-mugs out to the freezer, and I busted out the spray paint.  Specifically, the chalkboard spray paint.  And the after is awesome.  You can scroll down to the big reveal if you want, or you can check out the instructions and make your own.  Choose your own adventure. (seriously click that one it's fun.)

The how-to is fairly simple.  Ready?  Here we go.
You'll need:

  • Lysol wipes or similarly useful cleaning product
  • Sandpaper sponge block
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Screwdriver
  • Chalk

1.  Move your O.F. into the garage, or other area where you could spray paint that sucker and not die from poor ventilation/ accidentally spray paint the walls.

2.  Take off the door handles using your friendly house-hold screw driver.  Make sure you put all the screws and fixtures together in a space that your cat can't access.  Because he will knock that stuff off the counter and you'll spend 30 minutes searching for a single screw only to discover it's rolled under the stove.

3.  Clean the fridge inside and out.  The out, for our purposes, is really the more important part obviously, but no one's gonna hate on an inside shelf that's suddenly not sticky anymore.

4.  Take one of those spongy sandpaper blocks and sand the front door.  Corners and the sides of the door count - make sure you get those spots really well.  If there are spots (like on our fridge) where the paint had chipped and there's a little bit of rust, pay A LOT of attention there to make sure the rust is totally gone.  You don't want to cover a spot only to have it rot away under the paint.

5.  RE-clean the outside of the door.  Lysol wipes are the bomb.  Get rid of all the little bits you stirred up from sanding.  And then... WALK AWAY for a bit. A good hour.  Make sure it's dry like the Sahara.

6.  Tape it up!  Masking tape to keep the seals for the doors clean and paint free, use paper to block off the rest of the fridge from the door.

7.  Realize you forgot to take any "before pictures"  up until now.  Become amused that this picture above kind of looks like the O.F. is exploding.

8.  Spray away!  I used Rustoleum's chalkboard spray paint.  It's $4.50 a can, and I used 2 cans.  You can buy a can of regular brush-on paint, but I like the immediacy that spray paint gives.  I didn't get paid for this post, but let's be real, it's a pretty boss paint.

9.  Become grossly aware that it is super hard to use spray paint when your sprained thumb has just barely stopped hurting.  Decide to become briefly left-handed for this project.  Do two coats.  Get really antsy because this is harder with your non-dominant hand, and you'd so much rather be drawing on it already.

10.  Pull off all paper, use a lysol wipe to clean up any spots where the paint may have leaked in and gotten on the chilled plastic (the cold won't let it dry too quick so the wipes should get everything off just fine).

11.  LET IT DRY you impatient yutz!  ( what someone should have said to me, but whatever)

12.  Put the handles back on after finding that one last stupid screw.

13.  Dig out the box of sidewalk chalk you have for when friends bring little kids over to the house.

14.  "Prime" the surface by dragging the side of your chalk over the ENTIRE surface of the painted door.  Erase, and then.  THEN. Rediscover your inner little kid and draw all over that sucker.

15.  Dance around in celebration of the awesomeness.

16.  (to be postponed until Fiance is back) Throw a BYOB party to stock said fridge with more than two kinds of beer and diet soda.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, except I'm fairly certain that now I'm going to get all obsessed with tutorials on hand-lettering (like those fancy chalkboards you see in yuppie coffee shops) and I won't ever be able to let it go a week without re-doing the art on the fridge.

{case in point - looked at the picture of the fridge above, decided I didn't like the spacing, went to to garage and re-tweaked already}

Do you have a Beer Fridge?  Would you paint it like this?  What would you stock it with?
(really I'm taking suggestions)  Tell me in the comments!


Danielle said...

You are either my new best friend or the devil.

Because I'm now on my way out to our garage fridge to get to work.

And while I'm at it, I'm going to do the basement upright freezer too. That way I can keep track of what's in there or what I need without having to open the door. I'm lazy and hate opening doors.

Thanks for the new project. =)

Kp said...

I can't even tell you how much it warms my heart to have inspired you so. :) I like the freezer addition - that's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks love! I am diggin it! -F

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I do not have a spare fridge, but my brain lurched into gear. I wonder if I could do this to my chest freezer. Then I could write what's in it on top of it and who am I kidding that is never going to happen cause it's in a shed right now. Ahem. I'm fine.