Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Stuff

Hey All!

A quick post to keep everyone in the loop.  Ready?  Here's what's up.

  • Fiance comes home TOMORROW.  It's only a day aaaaaaaa-waaaaaaaay.  Which is great, because I sure had an ugly fit last night over my frustrations of trying to talk on the phone with a person in a country where phone reception SUUUUUUCKS.  Ready for that to be done-zo.

  • Congrats to my brides-dude and his growing family, which grew a little more this morning as they welcomed their second son.  Can't wait to meet both of your little dude[weizer*]s!

[click the picture to see what is literally the best commercial ever made.]

  • No pressure BFFJ, but with two new baby boys in my friend-family circle, a little girl would sure be awesome to round out the mix.  (plus I pinned a bunch of baby girl adorable crafts, and we can't let those go to waste.)

  • I am speeding through a few last minute house-things before Fiance's triumphant return.  Notably, I put together the grill we scored off our registry, and I picked up a dining room set at the thrifty yesterday for cheap that I'm about 50% through turning into an outdoor patio set.  I'm stupid excited about it - I'm sure you'll see a post next week on that.

  • On that note, here's a lesson for you all -  When the instructions for the grill assembly say:  "STOP.  THIS STEP REQUIRES TWO PEOPLE"  A poor idea would be to read that, laugh and say "whatever, I got this."  Because that may result in the very heavy top half of the grill trapping a piece of your palm between it and the very sturdy bottom half of the grill.  And it will bleed for hours, which will lead to you briefly wondering if you should have maybe sought out stitches, and then deciding, "meh, if it scars, I can come up with some awesome war story to go with it.  Like... I was attacked by... a wild... sabertooth tiger?"  I'll work on it.  In any case, a very sincere thank you to our grooms-chick and her beau for the grill - not only is it awesome, but I really enjoyed the streak of "I am woman hear me roar" from putting it together (except that hand-smash part, but I don't blame you for that. :)

  • Pretty much as soon as Fiance gets home, we're on the road to catch up with some of his family together.  

  • This of course means that the Friday post won't be happening.  And since it's a holiday weekend, Monday probably won't either.  Sorry.  But!...

...Check this out [click the picture]- I promise it's entertaining enough that I'll be back before you even notice I was gone.

I am fairly certain that Terry Crews can actually flex his 
muscles on command in this manner, and this may not be photo-shopy tricks.  
Well, maybe the abs.

*it's an inside joke.  it's my blog, I'll do what I want.

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