Monday, July 09, 2012

The [Mini] Man Behind the Mask

Sorry I missed my usual Friday post.  You see, I was off on a "double date."

No, Fiance didn't come back from Mexico already.  *lesigh*

V&J*, two very good friends of ours, invited me out for the day to see a movie and hang out poolside with them and their grandson, the 4 year old MiniMan.  He's usually pretty shy, but for whatever reason, MM took a shine to me this time around.

We went to see Spiderman in 3D Imax.  As far as movies go, it was pretty epic.  I'm a bit of a comic book nerd, so I'm really, really pumped for what the silver screen does with one of the (in my opinion anyway) best comic book relationships written.  The first movie in this new set of Spidey flicks did not disappoint.  Gwen Stacy's my homegirl is what I'm saying.

MiniMan sat between V&J, and honestly, he was super awesomely behaved.  Particularly because he was there just to see the spider-suit, and that [spoiler] doesn't show up until like 45 minutes in.  I think the big helper there was the 3-D Imax display - it was his first time donning those plastic specs.  When the movie started and everyone was prompted to put on their 3-D glasses, V nudged me to look at MM, and I had to fight the urger to snort in laughter at his response to the words "coming out" of the screen:

Though mostly he was quietly enamored with the movie coming to life before him, he did have two similarly notable hilarious moments:  when spiderman first donned the spider suit, he clapped and shouted "yay!", and then in one particularly action-packed scene he gsasped and whisper-yelled "gramma!  that bullet, they threw it at me!  I caught it!"

Too adorable.

After the movie, the MiniMan who usually doesn't say two words to me, insisted I was the one to buckle him into his car-seat, and then told me all about how the movie was awesome and how he was pretending that the monster was on top of the theater and spiderman was gonna save us all.  And then he pointed at me and said "you should come see me swim in the pool.  I don't have to wear my [flotation safety device] tube anymore."

So I did.  But not without a quick pitstop at our house so I could pick up a little something I thought MiniMan might get a big kick out of.

Back in Mexico, there are certain things you can find at just about every market.  Vanilla is certainly one of those things, but I became rather enamored with the luchador masks I found pretty early on.  Luchador is Spanish for wrestler/ fighter.  You may be familiar with Luchadors from such media projections as Nacho Libre, or ¡Mucha Lucha!  Think Wrestlemania, but with masks.

You can find racks and racks of colorful / fantastic luchador masks at any open-air Mexican market.  If you are a RL friend of mine, and you have a little boy, you're getting one of these masks at some point from me, because I think they're hilarious and so far as I can tell, little boys think they're awesome.  I maybe bought a whole bunch of them before I came home from Mexico.

For those unfamiliar with Spiderman lore, when Peter Parker first becomes aware of his powers, he bases his first suit off of luchador fashion.  Both the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield (who, by the way, is an very well-cast Spidey) versions throw nods to this inspiration on the silver screen.  And I figured with the imagery of Peter being inspired by luchadors so fresh in our minds, what better time to give MiniMan a luchador mask of his very own?

Now, my last stock up on lucha-masks, I tried to grab an array.  For Mini-Man, I didn't have anything that really screamed "spiderman!," so I just grabbed the first one on the pile: a black mask with silver details.  And MiniMan loved it, as expected.

He put it on, and came to the back window where we were all sitting out on the porch.  And we all about died.  Perhaps we have horrible gutter-minds, but the black and silver luchador mask has less a "Lucha-libre / superhero" vibe, as much as it has a "bring out the gimp!" Pulp Fiction vibe.

(if you haven't seen Pulp Fiction to get this reference... I'm not linking a video.  But shame on you, and here's some quick pictures for comparison:)

I'm not posting a picture of MiniMan in the mask because seriously, it's kind of wrong.
But I promise wrong in the most hysterical way.
So this, obviously, is me in a mask.  I'm sorry.  

So lesson learned - make sure lucha masks are colorful before purchasing for distribution to small children.  Or get the black one, give to small child, and then laugh so hard you almost pee your pants/ take a picture to show their future prom-date.  At least if we're going to hell for being so horrible, we'll all be there together.

*The first time Fiance introduced me to V&J, V hugged me and quickly proclaimed: "You've got a genuine smile and great boobs!  Finally he found a good one."  So I knew pretty early on she and I were going to be good friends.  Good story, then I found five dollars.

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