Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Things

I'm not having a great day.  There's no real reason.  Well, there's a reason, but it's no one's fault.  I'm having a "Miss him" day.  Fiance, that is.  I dunno why it's hitting me harder today than usual, and I wish I could honestly just suck it up a bit, because he comes home at the end of August and then all will be good in the world again.

Even so, I am having a super hard time not being just a weepy, apathetic mess today.  Once more I will state that Military spouses are pretty amazing and stronger than I see myself ever being capable.  I also want to take this opportunity to officially declare that Fiance must outlive me.  So plan for that dude.  It's non-negotiable.  Anyway.

It probably didn't help this mind-set that I was all "I'm gonna work on reception centerpieces today!"

For those not in the know, I draw Fiance a note every day for him to enjoy while he's at work.  Mostly overviews of us, our escapades, and sometimes super-mushy sweet nothings.  They're sickeningly adorable.  And even more nauseatingly sweet, is that since I started doing that three months into us dating, Fiance has kept. Every. Single. One.

this was today's.  and that's totally true.

We thought it would be awesome to show some of these notes off, and thus each table at the reception will have a few of them framed (I also firmly believe it will help our guests intermingle, since you'll have to talk to the people sitting at each table to not be weird while you read the rest of the collection).  It's been a fun project for me.

Except for this morning when I sat down to work on them, because they're a walk down memory lane, and mostly all memories of Fiance and me being in the same zip code.  Plus they really made me think how much better it would be if he was around to hang out while we worked on these together, or the more likely scenario of him at least sitting in the same room as me while I work on them, not because he doesn't want to help but because I am a perfectionist and this is my art and so they have to all be kind of uniform.

Still, 40+ down, a few more to go.  Which will happen... not today.

In an effort to shake the girlie hormones and... well, man-up, for lack of a better words, I have decided today's post will be able the happy little things going on right now.

1.  The lady-cave.  It's set up as much as it can be right now, and I'm really geeked to have a legit, organized space for crafting/ acting, my "physical storefront" for the etsy monster (which will be getting another face lift in the next few weeks I think), and for me to tinker.

2.  Most of the garden is still surprisingly alive.  And, dare I say, flourishing.  The rhubarb is particularly amusing to me, since I stole this bunch from mum, and then accidentally forgot it was baking in the heat of my car for a few days before I managed to plunk it rather unceremoniously into the ground.  And yet... in the next few weeks I could totally make a rhubarb crisp, one of my favorite summer desserts.

Also, the tiniest baby jalapeƱo is coming in.  I'm gonna make SO MUCH SALSA.

3.  The "library" Is mostly set up.  I say mostly because these were just the books we have in our Michigan house.  There are more on their way from Mexico.  But I love how it takes up the whole back wall of our living room.  It makes me feel like people will think we're smart.  Or at least they will think we're smart as they peruse Fiance's books.  And then they'll get to my books and begin to wonder about us*.

 4.  We have a new couch.  It's a sectional, it looks awesome in the space, and it's supremely comfortable for afternoon naps.  I took one picture the day it arrived, then promptly covered it with some extra sheets we had in the house, so that Mac and I could snuggle and it would still be pristine and new-smelling when Fiance gets home.  My immediate and compulsive need to do this makes me worried I'm going to turn into one of those old ladies who covers her whole house in plastic.  Please, internets, don't ever let me become that person.

5.  The library, in addition to lending books, has a pretty bitchin' selection of movies for rent.  I went to pick up some stuff I had on hold there today, and also grabbed some movies to watch tonight.  Which will hopefully be a good way to let my brain stop being an emotional wuss.

What do you do to lift your spirits on a crappy day?  Let me know in the comments!

* Books are a fun escape for me.  So while Fiance has a grand assortment of intellectual/ engineering/ philosophy and text books, my contribution to the library was a smattering of sci-fi, fantasy series, and of course, my collection of "books by or about people who worked in the sex industry."  It's a life so outside of my own experience.  The topic fascinates me, and over the years I have managed to amass more than a few books about strippers, hookers, and the playboy bunny girls.  In fact, the book I picked up from the library today is a biography of one woman's career as a peep-show dancer.  HOW DO YOU GET INTO THAT FIELD?  It's intriguing to me.  Whatever.  You probably just finished 50 Shades of Grey.  You have no ground to judge. 

Fun, related story - my second year working at the College, one of my students asked if I would be the subject of his biography project for a film class.  One day he stopped by my apartment to get some "B-Roll," and stumbled upon my books.  He asked me about what I like to read for fun, and the quote "...and that's why I'm obsessed with the sex industry." came out of my mouth.  Which was quickly followed by a panicked "YOU MAY NOT PUT THAT IN YOUR FILM."  He agreed, possibly because I may have threatened to fire him otherwise.

And so the project came and went, and the student graduated, and then he gave me a copy of his film about me.  I was intrigued to see how he had put it together - and pleasantly surprised.  He did a good job, which mostly means I didn't come off as a total yutz.  Until the credits at the end.  I absentmindedly sat through them, until the screen went black, and little white letter spelled out "sorry Kp, I had to..." 

He showed that 10-second clip to his entire class with no further context.  Students I worked with, and had probably had conduct meetings with.  So... that was awesome.  

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