Monday, July 30, 2012

Lady Monster Goes from Drab to Fab

As you might have gathered from my previous post, I maybe needed a bit of a break from the constant and unrelenting one-track mind that the wedding has become.  At the rather persistent and firm advice of BFFJ, I decided the weekend would be wedding free.  I mean, the invites were finished anyway, so nothing would fall apart too terribly, right?  Right.

I'm going to apologize up front, but I decided instead of worrying about the blog, I was just going to let my creativity lead my actions, and thus, I have no before or process pictures of anything I'm going to show you.  Just use your imagination.  I promise everything is an improvement.

It was a GREAT weekend.  It seemed like the cosmos was sending me a very loud "BFFJ was SUPER right about this break" message.

The Saturday I wandered back to Goodwill (who, you will be amused to know, has moved all the fireworks to the locked display case by the cashiers), and discovered that the last Saturday in the month = everything in the store is half-off.  Can we talk for a second how elated a bargain hunter like myself is when the bargains are even bargain-ier (shut up, it's a word because I say so.)?!  So I combed through every single aisle, not actually buying much, but pondering a lot about small projects I could tinker with, and ended up selecting some jute twine, a few wine glasses, some beads, a backpack (for what have become regular walks to Goodwill) and a few stacks of scrapbooking paper.

I maybe also wandered over to TJMaxx.  Because it's less than a block from Goodwill.  And also because my pants are getting a bit baggy again (great problem to have, but still).  What did I end up buying?  Cowboy Boots.  Which are not pants, but are still awesome.  And on clearance.

The walk home I took the long way, and had some time to think about... really anything I felt like thinking about that didn't have the phrase wedding in it.  Which lead me to think about the lady cave*, and what needed to happen to make it a functional space for me instead of just craft storage.  Thus, upon arriving home, I busted out all the spray paint and the staple gun.

First and foremost, I needed a chair for that room.  It's great to have a sewing desk, but I'm not going to sew standing up hunched over.  We have a chair in the garage, but it is a very old folding chair, and it needed a little love.  The padding in the seat had been flattened to nothing a few decades ago, and the vinyl covering on the seat and "back pad" were torn and faded.  For imaginative purposes, I looked up a picture on google of what I would guess it looked like when it was new and part of a set:
Maybe one day when time shifts and these become vintage instead of just old, I'll be mildly bummed that I covered that yellowish grey color of the frame, and that I got rid of the old green-gold vinyl.  But for right now, I'm ALL about the "after:"

The frame got a coat of Rustoleum's hammered metallic finish paint in a dark grey.  The seat and back pad were recovered in an old shower curtain I had (with extra padding added underneath) - it's a teal-blue zebra print.    Admittedly it's a little more on the girly side of things than Fiance would probably prefer, but I adore it.  And since I had the fabric, the padding, the spray paint and the chair all just lying around, this re-do had a total cost of $0.00.  

So then I was on a roll.  A craft-junkie adrenaline high, if you will.  And since that folding chair had two similarly beat-up table friends in the garage, I just kept right on going.  
(click to embiggen)

In rearranging the room, one of the tables almost immediately became relegated to wedding-stuff storage.  But in the future, now that the tables don't look quite so beat up, if we need them for company we can throw a table cloth over 'em and go.  Or if I ever get the gumption to set up a physical KpQuePasa store-monster at a craft fair, I think bringing along one of these tables to sit at with my chair would be stylistically appropriate.

Having had the thought of sitting at a craft fair selling my wares, I decided I needed a proper display as well.  So I  dug out an old, white, folding, wire magazine rack we have.  It looked exactly like this (thanks google):

A little spray paint and some left over tiles from last year's bathroom make-over came into play.  Quickly followed by the cricut (woo!) and one of the paper stacks I found at goodwill (it was called "Hippie Funk"  I bought it based solely on the name). Viola:

Once the stuff from Mexico gets here, that white thing on the top 
shelf should be just right to hold canvases of paintings for sale.

I found myself being torn on which project I was prouder of; the chair and tables, or the new KpQuePasa display.  With such great inspiration in these two new projects, I managed to find the ambition to arrange the room just the way I wanted it.

Before, as displayed by Mac:

 Please note those curtains.  Fiance, you know I love you, but your love for leopard print is staggering to a lady who likes home decor.  Also you should know I threw them out.  Don't hate me.

After (for now):

I'd really, really like to paint this room a deep purple.  But I've painted roughly 75% of this house in the past 2 months, so I'm going to wait on that a bit.  Now, in theory, on the opposite wall of the display/ easel, our wedding registry will come through with a fold-out futon for guests.  Under that futon I will store the rest of the craft stuff when it arrives from Mexico.  And Bubba/ Mac will likely spend most of their days sleeping on top of that futon.  Everyone wins.

While moving stuff around upstairs, downstairs I had left out two new projects/ KpQueProducts (see what I did there?) to dry.   I'm pretty pleased with these projects as well.  Wanna see?  Of course you do:

"fake lace" mask

"Bride" wine glass

I really hope people are as excited about these as I am, because I could make about a thousand of both the glasses and the masks without getting sick of them.

To that effect, and to commemorate the awesome weekend - I encourage you to pop over and take a peek at the etsy monster if you haven't lately.  

And if you're so inclined to make something your own, I've posted a coupon code on the KpQuePasa Facebook page (you should totally LIKE said page as long as you're over there), to get 10% off your order.


1.  Deadly 29 Update: -20, 9 to go!  I kinda don't even know what to do with such awesomeness.

2.  In theory, our stuff should be arriving at the house via Mexican customs on the 1st.  Which is Wednesday, just in case you weren't aware.  If that actually comes through, there will be no Wednesday post, because I will be unpacking.  And then sleeping on a bed instead of a couch for the first time in 2 months.  I'm not complaining, I'm just saying, if that really happens Wednesday, I think you can understand why you won't be seeing me here.

3.  Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse /Southen Vampire series (aka the books True Blood are based upon)?  I got the latest book "Deadlocked" from the library over my awesome weekend, and tore through it pretty quick.  Not as phenomenal as the beginning of the series (I think this is the 11th or 12th book), but it was still a fun read.  To that effect - I'm looking for recommendations for similarly fun and semi-trashy reads.  Hit me up in the comments if you have a suggestion!

*In a 3-bedroom house, it seemed logical that the master bedroom should be our bedroom, and the other two would become guest bedrooms/ personal offices.  Since Fiance's space has always been termed the 'Man-Cave,' I obviously coined my space the 'Lady-Cave.'  And then I went and googled the term for inspiration while I worked.  Fun Fact:  I will never say Lady-Cave and mean anything other than that room in our house where I make stuff.  NEVER.  But google cannot make that same promise.  Don't google that phrase if you're under 18 or while you're at work.  Or just don't google it period.


Jilly said...

Umm... amazing :) LOVE!

Danielle said...

You want some book suggestions?! That just so happens to be my calling in life. I did read the sookie stackhouse series but I feel as if the author is losing interest in the character and that's why the series is about done. But since you liked that one try a couple of these (I'll try not to go on for hours, I read way too much!):
1. Laurell K Hamilton has 2 series that are great.
2. Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum.
3. Diana Gabaldon- Outlander series.
4. Kim Harrison- The Hallows series
5. Anything by Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Hoyt.
6. Anything by Jenn Lancaster (seriously funny memoirs)
Ok this list could go on for hours. But those are my favorites. Good luck! Hope that something sounds good from this list =)

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