Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Pinterest Experiment - Paint-chip mobile

Yesterday I stopped at our friendly neighborhood kinkos and got our wedding invitations printed.  Much of the past 24 hours has been devoted to cutting, scoring and folding card stock into wedding-appropriate stationary.

as you can see, I have been well supervised during this time.

I needed a bit of a break this evening though, first because I knew that the paragraph above wasn't really enough fodder for an entire blog post, and second because we've started receiving wedding presents in the mail, and yesterday I unwrapped a Cricut.

If you are not aware of the joy and love that is a Cricut... actually if you don't know what they are, I'm a little confused as to how this blog interests you.  But the basic just for you glibs is that it's a machine which cuts paper into shapes.  Like letters.  And numbers.  And depending on the cartridges you put in  it; animals, party hats, plants, beach balls, and really any number of fun things.  The possibilities are endless.  (fun related fact - my birthday is coming up and it only comes with the George cartridge.  Ha.)

I was itching to try it out, but I didn't have any paper in the house except for the stuff our invites are printed on, and I didn't really want to waste one of those just to test this out and clap like a seal in excitement as it made me a perfectly shaped silhouette of the word "supercalifragalisticexpialidocious" (that's not in my computer's spelling dictionary?  who knew?)  And then I remembered that I had paint chips.

If you've read this blog in the past month or so, you'll notice I painted a whole bunch of rooms in the house.  If you've seen me in person in the last month or so, I likely pulled a ziplock baggie of Perh samples out of my purse while talking to you to show off all the paint chips while pointing to each one and saying "...and this is the color of our kitchen... and our dining room... and the trim..."  And I'm probably sorry for that because it's likely that was wholly unsolicited show-and-tell.

Paintchips turned out to be the perfect paper for the maiden voyage of the Cricut.  So I started cutting out circles, and decided I was going to do something inspired by a picture I had seen on pinterest and make a mobile for above the kitchen sink.

I was really excited about that project with those paint chips because I figured using the paint chips from the colors in the house would make that mobile fit well in it's natural habitat.

After I cut our a poo-ton of paint chip circles, I glued them to strings and then made good use of the very expensive books from my time in grad school to ensure they dried flat:

Then I went out in the garage and found one of the big wire stands that are usually used for political yard signs.  Fiance did some campaigning for someone a few years back, so we have many.  It's a good sturdy starting point, but also redonkulously hard to bend when your best tools for the job are your hands and a table to use as leverage.  I made a *kind of crude* spiral, and then covered the whole thing in the same string that I used for the circles.  (yay covering up rust)

After that it was just a matter of tying the circles to the spiral, trimming the strings, and hanging the spiral in the kitchen before the sun set so I could be sure to have a finished product picture to share with y'all.

why yes, I did crop out the dishes in the sink.

I'm pretty okay with how it turned out, but I think once all the stuff from Mexico arrives and I have access to proper tools I'm going to re-do this project with a one-color ombre effect more like the original pin - too many colors in this one for it to be perfect in my mind.

Are you a pinner?  Have you had any good Pin-successes lately?  
Or more amusing, any good Pin-Fails to share?  Hit up the comments!

(and if that sort of thing amuses you, you should check out Pintester)


Jamie said...

I like! And fyi, I want the blue owl from the etsy monster but didn't want to post on fb where others might see it if they are watching the ticker thingy... And I'm telling you here cause I've apparently never heard of fb chat.

Erin said...

yay cricut! Yeah, mine gets a workout - I need a new blade for it. If you don't want to spend tons on cartridges, get Sure Cuts a Lot - you use SVG files on your computer to design what you want, hook up the cricut, and cut. You'll need Sure Cuts a Lot version 2 though, not the newest one. Provocraft sued SCaL (cause they WANT you to spend tons of $$ on cartridges) so the new versions of SCaL are no longer Cricut compatible.

Kp said...

oOoo. good to know, thanks Erin! And Jamie, I've got that owl here - you can take a peek at him/ take him with you on Friday if you come over. :)

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

That Cricut thing sounds like too much fun. I always thought that if I could get something that could cut stars of various sizes, I could paint card stock with glow in the dark paint and do the whole bedroom ceiling...