Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuna the Opposum, and dining. With Style.

I'm having a poor time lately keeping blog posts down to one topic a go.  Let's just pretend I'm aiming for a "something for everyone!" type deal instead of just not being able to make myself stop ramble-typing.

I have additional thoughts on this stupid groundhog saga.

  •  Apparently I do not live in suburbia.  No.  No, apparently I live in the middle of Snow White's forest, because all I seem to be able to trap is baby animals.
  • Either that or the groundhog is a pedophile, because the trap is as close to the entrance of his den as is humanly possible.  Which leads me to wonder if I'm just enabling him by offering up the candy for his creepy white van through putting out tuna and yams.
  • Since none of the trapped critters have sung along to birdsong with me, I'm leaning toward number that second bullet point.
  • To that effect, this is Tuna the even-tinier-than-Yams baby Opposum, who I met yesterday.

I'm gonna go ahead and pretend this is an educational blog for a moment:   Many Americans call these little dudes Possums, to the point where some think the two names are synonymous.  This is false.  True possums are only found down under, in Australia and surrounding islands.  And they are fully furred (think giant squirrel) as opposed to Opposums, which have furless tails (think giant rat).  Both critters are marsupials (they have a baby pouch like a kangaroo!), but that is where the similarities end.

(actual possum)

Opposums can be nasty, sport some fairly sharp teeth, and can grow to the size of a large cat.  In other words: you don't mess with them (or keep them as pets, no matter how economical it seems).  They're also nocturnal, so unless you're trying to make trouble or it's rabid, you're not going to really run into a problem with them.  Tuna, though currently no bigger than baseball, took a lot of time trying to convince me he was bigger than me.  He hissed and he huffed, and he puffed, and then he  lost his nerve and squished himself into the far corner of the trap from me.  So in the same vein as Yams, I opened the trap and let Tuna wander back off into the trees at the corner of the yard, all while wondering "seriously, where are these critters coming from?"

And then I set the trap again, because I'm thinking the way things are going, odds are next time I catch a baby fox.  At which point FIANCE WE HAVE A NEW PET.  Have you ever seen a baby fox (yes I know they're called kits)?
Lookit all that cute.  That's a fox and the hound remake which needs to happen.

Movin' right along.
I was just watching the Wendy Williams show.  I'm finding that after not having TV since last August, somehow I am now instantly drawn to the trashiest TV program available at any given time (My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding?  Get that Trashy TV producer a raise).  Or cartoons.  I am pretty sure I watch far more cartoon network than is healthy.

But there's a more interesting part - in watching WW, one of her guests started talking about how he was part of a "dinner club"  where each week his friends gathered at a different house to have a nice dinner instead of wasting money at an overpriced restaurant.  I was instantly in love with this idea.  Friends, Romans, Countrymen, when my dining room table gets back here from Mexico, remind me, I'm totally starting a dinner club.  Do you want in?  I'll make us t-shirts.  No I won't.  But I'll make sure you're on the invite list.

Lastly (hey you know how in my last post I promised I'd be finishing my library and showing it off here?  I lied.  Next time.)  I wandered to the thrifty yesterday.  Thrift stores have always made me happy.  You can find amazingly cool stuff in there, yo.  And since the dreaded 29 has seen me loose a few sizes, there's even MORE cool stuff to be found.  And find I did.  Specifically, I snagged an LBD for 6 bucks.  But then I got home and realized I am out of he American fashion loop.  How do I accessorize this beast?

I don't have a picture, but it's your basic LBD - sleeveless and pencil-skirted.  When I dressed to go out in Mexico, neutrals were where it's at, but I feel like there's a lot more going on with "pops of color" here in the states.  I also feel like I have some fashion-forward friends/ readers, so I ask y'all - what do I need to make this look good for night on the town?


Nicole said...

I'm so interested in dinner club... but you know how SA schedules work. Maybe we'll be there once a month. :)

PS you should hang out with us (new pool filter this weekend so hopefully that means sparkly-and-legit-to-swim-in pool) and/or I should come help you with all your fun design projects seeing as we haven't connected since you've been back. Kthanksbye

Kate Y said...

I am totally in for the dinner club, as long as Baby Y can come along too! Our dining room table only seats 4, but we have more room now and could "make it work" (insert Tim Gunn impression here).

Also, so you know... Sarah Westfall is a fan of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding as well... it came up at lunch one day! SO FUNNY!

Danielle said...

I think a dinner club idea is a great one. I wish I could do something like that, but I'm very anxious about food from others. I keep wondering if they washed their hands during preparation or if I'm going to be pulling stray hairs out of my plate. I'm not a very trusting person.

Kp said...

Hells yes dinner club. Kate, Nicole, you were both totes already on the list. :) OF COURSE baby Y can come along! And really, you may seat four at your house, but you're currently beating our house, which seats... none. ha. make it work indeed. It shall be fabu.

And Danielle, I hear ya. But I can tell you having lived in Mexico for 8+ months, that whether someone washed their hands properly before making food ranks much lower on my scale of things I care about than it used to be. :) It'll build up my immune system, or put hairs on my chest or... actually i can't fathom any of my potential DC buddies not being clean in their culinary shift.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

LBD Hmm? I dress like a charter from a Tim Burton film. My LBD is a floor length gown with a large bow sewn on to the back and a smaller bow for my hair and I wear it with my black and while stripped arm sleeves. So I think you dress needs some weird stripped stockings that almost but don't quite match, and then you should get some black arm sleeves to go with it. It'll be awesome.