Friday, June 01, 2012

Rat B@stard

Being back in the Michigan house, I've been working on getting stuff in order (the yard needs some TLC, and I'd like to paint a few rooms while the furniture is not here/ in the way).  Sweeping up in the kitchen the other night, I found evidence of bad news.

Yes, mouse poo.  The decision was made to immediately purchase and set traps.  Sadly, this is not the first time we've had a mouse in the house (it's an older home and some of the door frames don't seal when shut like they should, so it happens), the last time we got the classic snap traps.  That little jerk was almost too wiley for those,* and mostly just ate the peanut butter out of them for the better part of a month.  I have little to no patience, so I decided to go the sticky trap route.

Sticky traps, if you're unaware, are just pads of SUPER sticky gunk, and when the mouse runs over the top of them, they get stuck and die.  Unless they only get part of themselves stuck.  Cue my 2AM last night:

Yup, I caught a tiger mouse by the tail.  I was... let's say I was unprepared for what should happen in that instance.  Little homeboy was WICKED mad about the whole tail stuck to a trap thing.  I dunno, maybe it should have occurred to me that glue would only make a mouse immobile, it wouldn't actually kill the mouse, but my best idea for dealing with this situation at 2AM was to scoop up Bubba, go into the bedroom, shut the door, and try not to hear it scattering about trying to free itself.  I hoped that maybe in the morning it would have exhausted itself to death... or something.

Bubba was... less than pleased about this option, spending much of the night sitting next to the bedroom wall loudly protesting his being barred from going into battle. Just to be clear, I am pretty confident that Bubs could kill a mouse.  However - he is a pet, not a mouser, and a trapped mouse would fight back - I didn't feel like taking Bubs in for a rabies booster or to get a glue trap / glue trapped mouse cut off his face this morning.

This the morning, I came down the stairs wondering what horror I would see stuck to the trap.  And when I came down, I saw that exactly what I saw stuck to the trap was exactly what I saw stuck to the trap last night.  Except the rest of the mouse was totally gone.  That little jerk chewed his own tail off, ala 127 hours.  So you know what mouse?  I will be your Elmer, and you will be my Bugs.  It has been broughten. STICKY TRAPS FOR ALL.

...and then Bubba got one stuck to his foot (he's fine, just grumpy).  Edit:  STICKY TRAPS FOR ALL MOST.

*The snap traps defined some entertaining roles in our relationship:  While Fiance is clearly the killer of spiders, I am the responsible party for disposal of snap mouse traps which have, you know, done their job.


fiance said...

IF I was there with said mouse, I would have shot him....just sayin

Kp said...

yes yes, you would have shot at a tiny mouse, in your own home, by aiming straight at a tiled floor and your kitchen cabinets. brilliant.

RK said...

We had mice at our old house. We set traps, laid down that stupid stick paper stuff, had an exterminator come out and those arrogant bastards kept taunting us. Then one day, our dog killed all of them.

The moral is: traps are a waste of money - screw you, Home Depot!

Rikki said...

That is officially disgusting. The only thing worse than a live mouse is a live mouse that chews off its own tail. Ick.