Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Stuff I Said I'd Talk About in Random Posts... and then didn't.

Mac is like, supa needy today.  Because it is too humid and hot for him to be able to take a walk without me thinking he's going to die.  This is true.  The radio is all "STAY IN SIDE!  SAVE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!  ALL THE WORLD IS LAVA!" and so Mac is all "Mooooooooooom, I'm boooooooooored."  There's only so much I can play "tug" in a day with a dog capable of ripping my arm out of socket.  He's kind of driving me nuts.

Anyway.  Remember that one time, where I was all "I'll have to talk about that in a later post."  ...and then I didn't?  I figured it was time to go back and take care of a few of those items.  Prepare for ultra-randomosity.

The SCoSP:
I'm obviously not able to see the Street Cats of San Pedro any more, thus unable to recount the daily shenanigans of their trials and tribulations.  But Fiance reports that they are doing well, and that Zombie has taken to sussing him out when he is out in the garage for not putting out cat food anymore.  You may also remember from this post, that one of the cats went and had kittens in the cardboard boxes that Fiance is supposed to use for packing up the house.  I promised a picture.  Behold the cute:

They are adorable enough that, should I actually have any desire to deal with another Bubba-gato, I'm fairly certain I could have convinced Fiance to bring the a little orange one back to the states.  But really. One Bubba is plenty of Bubba.  Still.  Squee.

Orange cats are clearly my soft spot.  
Do you tend to gravitate toward a particular color of kitty/ breed of dog?  
(And if you are a cat person, please head over to the itty bitty kitty committee, because their annual fundraiser for the Tacoma Humane Society started today, and there are a ton of adorable pictures from the "telethon set")

Audience Participation Fridays:
APF was awesome for the first few Fridays.  And then there was a Friday or two where only one or two people checked it out.  And then there was a Friday or two where I was busy and thus put up a participatory link that I hoped didn't really appeal to anyone so I wouldn't "have" to draw.  Then I realized that was SERIOUSLY the wrong way to go about APF, since originally it was born to help prevent the time-suck that can occasionally be posting a regular blog update.  It's not gone, but from here on out Audience Participation Friday will only come up when I have a legit fun link to post, and the time to devote to submissions.  This being the summer before I get married, I'll be very frank that they're going to be way on the sparse side for a while.

The Rat B@stard, which is actually a mouse:
I haven't seen the tailless wonder again, but I did manage to catch a different mouse in the basement.  Since then I haven't seen any evidence of any other pests.  Apparently the eviction notice was received, loud and clear.  However (comma), a new trap has been set in the backyard.  A large live-trap.  Because the land beaver is back, and he has been trying to mess with my garden. B!tch got to go.  Unfortunately, the only thing I've managed to catch so far is Bubba.  Because his learning curve is apparently fairly steep.

The Dreaded 29:
I am well aware that I haven't posted an update to the 29 in a good long while.   I am currently at -14, 15 to go.  Which is where I have been for quite a few weeks now.  I'm having a bit of a rough time with the fact that I had to leave the treadmill in Mexico when I came up.  Finding alternative exercise has been a bit of a bitch, because, as mentioned at the top, it is pretty killer to go out in air so thick with humidity that you could cut it with a knife while trying to be active.
Which is not to say that I haven't done just that.  I've made sure that every day has included rollerblading, long walks with Mac, running (that only happened once because I couldn't breathe and truly thought I was going to die), etc.  But while I've been dead set on staying within my calorie restraints, and I've done what I can to get off my tookus, it's just stagnant at the moment.  I'm a little lost.

Honestly, is there something I could do to jump start this back up?

  • I drink 8 glasses of water a day. 
  • I watch my calories and exercise for at least a half hour, usually more.
  • I avoid salt as much as possible.
  • I try very hard to avoid carbs.
  • I drink around 1-2 sodas a week if that, and alcohol is all but none.  

What am I missing!?  Have you done something (which is FREE) that has worked for you?

On the up side, I am, depending on the brand of clothing, sitting at between 2-3 sizes smaller than I started in January.  Which is halfway fun and halfway killer because I find myself wanting to go shopping every second of the day.

My Thoughts on Mexico:
I teased back in this post that I would have to take some time and write out my thoughts and reflections on living in Mexico.  I've actually tried to do this a few times now, but what comes out on the screen as I type does not come across how I had hoped.  So for now I'm going to have to stick with this statement:  That I'm glad I went.  I wouldn't change that for the world.  The people and the culture and the language were all welcoming, friendly, and fascinating.  I learned how to cook.  I got to see the man I love every day.  I am glad I came home when I did, but there is a lot I miss and will continue to miss about what I left behind (tacos?  also... FIANCE.)  I asked for adventure, and I definitely got just that.  I'm thankful for that time.

Or maybe I'm jut lacking direction on HOW to reflect appropriately.  
Did you ever go abroad on an adventure?  
If you went for school, I'm seriously curious, how did your 
study abroad office help you process when you got back and re-assimilate? is still... broken.
Indeed, and how.  As mentioned back in this post, my home page was hacked sometime in January, and was being used as a back alley to filly black market prescriptions.  (not even joking)  Our host locked up the site for us to put a kibosh on the shenanigans, and gave Fiance and I a list of stuff that needed to happen for the site to get back up and running.  Nothing Fiance couldn't handle in due time.
Only problem there is Fiance was finishing up his last classes for grad school and working full time, so we put that project on the back burner.
Then I moved back up here and Fiance planned to fix it for me in his down time after school got out for the summer.  A great plan.  Until Mexico decided that we didn't need internet at our house anymore.  According to a friend who was nice enough to callt he company on Fiance's behalf, they updated their wi-fi system, and apparently that blew out a bunch of boxes (including ours).  They replaced the box, and when it still didn't work, they said it was likely that our wires were fried too, and that they'd be out to fix it in 3-5 days.
That whole conversation happened before I even left Mexico.
Internet?  Still a no-go at the house.  Suddenly, the fact that my website is down took a serious back-seat to how our plan to keep in contact while apart online was cut-down to the maybe 5 minutes a day Fiance has good enough reception to call and say "hi."
So I'm stuck with either:

  • Play the waiting game for Fiance to move into the hotel and use their internet or
  • Hire someone to fix that for me.

I'm cheap.  Patience is a virtue.

And in closing, stuff you should try out because I decided it's awesome:

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