Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Random One-Offs.

Stuff that is intriguing enough to bother writing about, but not long enough to quite warrant a stand-alone post:

1.  Bubs and Mac have recently taken to snuggling together.  Up until this point in their lives, they've had more of a 'frenemy' relationship, playing together, but sleeping/ resting very much apart.  I think perhaps all the shuffling around in this past year or so has left them with the observation that they have only each other as constants, and thus have bonded like super glue.  Which is kind of a sad thought, but an adorable outcome:

2.  To that end, Bubs had an encounter with a neighborhood cat the other day, (he likes to sit outside on a leash in our yard) and before it could come to blows, I let Mac out.  The other cat high-tailed it at the sight of the giant pup, and Bubba situated himself right between Mac's front legs to sit and flick his tail at the retreating threat, sort of a "that's right, he's with me" move.  ...Maybe that's a "you had to be there" type story.

3.  When I left Mexico, we decided it would be smartest if I took as little as possible to make it the next few months, since the shipping company that Fiance's work uses would pack everything else up and ship it for us on their dime and their time.  That's how it worked when we moved down there.

Apparently, the Mexican branch of that company does not pack your stuff for you.  As much as he doesn't believe me when I say it, I am super sorry to have left Fiance with so much work down there, since he will now have to pack the whole flipping house up when he's not slaving away at work.  It's cruel, and I'm upset he's got to stretch himself think like that.


When we were discussing that unfortunate situation the other night, Fiance informed me that the company had dropped off some boxes for him to start packing up.  And before Fiance could bring said boxes inside... one of the Street Cats of San Pedro went and had kittens in them.  He promised to send me pictures.  So silver lining of this whole she-bang is that I'm not currently down there to insist that we adopt a kitten.  I guess.  I mean... kittens are adorbs.  (Also Fiance you really need to send me that picture.)

4.  Tonight Mac and I went over to our friend D's new house for dinner (D is of Rrrrralph fame).  She has a pup named Obie, and while the two were running around, we suddenly noticed that Mac's foot was bleeding.  I don't know what he did, but it wasn't serious and we got it all patched up.  What's gross is that we noticed after Mac had padded little blood prints all through D's brand new house.  This is notable because Mac is seemingly a very clean houseguest... with the apparent exception of whenever we visit D.

Example: The very first day that I had Mac, D invited us over to play, and Mac and Obie had a fantastic meet and greet.  After running around for a few moments, D put some water out for the pups, and Mac decided he was REALLY thirsty.  He drank the whole bowl (easily a half gallon of water).  Then took two steps (just far enough to make sure he was off the easily cleanable linoleum and instead hovering over the carpet), and promptly barfed up ALL of it.

Thankfully D is a graceful host in such situations, and I believe in that instance her remark was "I'm not even mad, I kind of want to high five him.  That was impressive."  So then I taught Mac how to give high fives.

5.  Tomorrow Mac and I are getting back into the car, on order to drive out to Green Bay - BFFJ is having a baby shower, and there will be some wedding related awesomeness for me as well. :)  I'm SO incredibly excited to hang out with her - haven't seen each other since her wedding a few YEARS ago, so it's high time.  It also means, that Friday and Monday posts are going to be non-existent/ sparse/ late, so bear with me, and if you need something funny in the meantime, check out the following:

Have a great weekend y'all - see you on the flip side.

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Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I taught my dog to high five too. Mostly so that when I achieved something awesome but was the only one home, I could still get a high five. Which is both good and kinda depressing.