Friday, June 22, 2012

No witty title. Just a dining room makeover. And about a million photos.

Here we are - another week, another room to talk about!
Again, these re-do themed posts exist mostly to keep Fiance in the know about what I'm doing to the house in his absence, but if you're so inclined to read, I'm happy to brag a bit!

This week was devoted to the living room.  Or, what used to be the living room.  We have a split level house where this room and the kitchen are on the entry level.  At the split, upstairs is a bathroom and three bedrooms.  Downstairs is the laundry, another bathroom, and a large open space that was previously the man-cave.  This is the step of me coming home early that I wanted to take full advantage of:  re-establishing purposes for rooms.  

In the interest of utilizing the house's space to full potential, the Man-Cave will be moved to the larger upstairs guest bedroom.  This leave the basement open for becoming the living room (which is bigger and more appropriate for how often we entertain), and the entry-level space will now be the dining room.  This also opens up the opportunity to put not just the dining room set, but also a few storage pieces in that room, giving us more storage options for the kitchen stuff.  Because we have.  A lot.  Of Kitchen. Stuff.

Ready?  Here's the before:

Theres a big window here, which I realized after a whole bunch of attempts I can't take a direct picture of without getting glare.  
So... here's the floor near that window with a bunch of crap I brought home with me.

This is the entry way next to the window.  Of particular note here is the closet, because the track on that closet door is so off that there were days the big heavy door would just fall out on it's own and scare the bejeezus out of me.  

These chairs are downstairs now (I'm sitting in one right now), but while they were in this corner, Mac and Bub greatly enjoyed the space for sun-soaking.

The view from the kitchen

And here's the after!:

New paint color!  I went with a grey-blue.  Mac seems happy.
After the wedding, our centerpieces (which will be framed doodles) 
can be hung up on them-there walls.

New curtains too.  Most of the windows in the house before I came along were covered with sheer white fabric.  With this giant window in the front of the house, even when the drapes were shut, people could totally see into our home.  Then I saw these curtains on sale and they matched the color I picked out for the closet.  Done and done.

I don't get it in the before picture, but I spray painted all the outlet covers and the curtain hardware to match now.  Before the curtain rod was a cut-to size copper pipe with silver bulbs on the ends.  
Now everything is "oil-rubbed bronze."  It's very sophisticated.  
I will have to remember this is a "pinky-out" type of dining room.

The closet!  I'm most excited about this.  First, because this wall next to the closet now proudly displays my Fluer-di-Lis coat hook collection (or at least part of it), and the closet, once we play the "getting things from our registry" game (see below), will not be a closet, but instead a spot to sit-down and put on shoes.

Why did I choose blue you ask?  Because I generally like blue.  And because...
          Oh what?  Oh.  It's 5:30.  Feeding time.
          Hey Mac.  Are you hungry?

          Yes.  He has a dinner time dance.

Okay so  I chose THAT blue because it goes with the blue of the kitchen counter tops.  So when you look in from the front door -

You can see the dog stuffing his face with a speed that suggests he has never been fed food ever before, and you can see that the kitchen doesn't clash with the dining room, even if at the moment it's a bit cluttered 
I feel it ties everything together nicely.

Ready for the "getting things from our wedding registry" game?  Here we go:
The closet-turned-seating space will need this lovely bench and these baskets for storage:

And in front of the window shall go this "buffett," which will allow Bubba to sit in the window, keep Mac from jumping up on the window, and let us store our new blender and a few choice bottles of booze.
And beneath our dining table shall sit this rug:

I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago that I was feeling like a yutz for getting into the wedding registry business so hard-core.  I've turned into Jane from 27 dresses:  
To you, it's just another casserole dish. To Tess, it's the pot she's gonna cook my mother's Christmas roast in.
 And that's ridiculous.  It's just another casserole dish, really.

But that bench?  That's not just a bench.  That's the bench that will welcome people into our home, to sit down and take a load off.  To feel the warmth of our love.  Did you throw up in your mouth a bit just there?  Too bad.

I'm gonna change topics just a bit here before I end up sitting and staring at for yet another 5 hours.
Yard update!

In the few weeks since I hauled so much dirt it's a wonder my arms didn't fall off, the yard has started coming into it's own.  Grass has started to come in around the mailbox and the garden.  The plants are taking root and particularly of note are the tiny tomatoes that make me squeal with delight every darn day.

Next up:  The Man Cave!  

This is a tricky one, because, being the non-man in the house, I am tasking myself with getting the cave set up in a way that the actual man in the house finds appealing and useful, while still keeping it contained to the one room so I can shut the door to keep my OCD from exploding.

But I have ideas.  And I can't wait to bring them to light and show Fiance when he has a work trip to the states in a few weeks!

Do you have a Man-Cave in your house?  
What would you say is the part of your cave which makes it the most Man-appropriate?


Fiance said...

I love it! Looks great KP!!! :)

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

Yes, having a door to the man cave is the best idea ever. Ever.