Friday, June 15, 2012

Marking My Territory

Before we get into the thick of it, I would like to note that I am typing this post from the middle of Mac's dog bed.  Why?  Because the camping chair I was using decided it didn't want to live anymore.
(note that the one side's arm rest is no longer available for arm-resting, compromising the structural integrity of this piece of metal and blue canvas in its purpose as a chair.)

Meanwhile, the nice, plush, comfy chairs that my mum was so kind to give me when I was in Green Bay last week are... taken.  

Thankfully, Mac's always been pretty spoiled in the realm of dog beds (he's a variable canine princess and the pea), so with a few of them stacked on top of each other I'm oddly comfortable.  

Since I seem to be getting a lot of questions about it, the furniture in the house with me is as follows: 
  • The broken camping chair.
  • An inflatable mattress.
  • The two chairs I'm apparently not allowed to use by penalty of Bubba-inflicted death.
  • A desk that we left here when we originally went to Mexico.
And that, for right now, is plenty.  I knew coming back here that I wanted to throw some paint on these here walls, and I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to deduce that this is an easier task if you don't have a lot of crap to move around first.  

Painting, and where I started painting, was important to me for two reasons:
  1. When I first met Fiance, literally everything in his house (including the couch!) was white.  You may have noticed I fancy myself an artist.  I see the house largely as a blank canvas, and Fiance seems to care little to none about what color things are now, or when I'm done.  This all makes me happy.
  2. The one room that wasn't 100% white was the kitchen.  I could go into how I thought the colors dated the kitchen and how much I thought it would be nice for a fresh coat of paint to clean the place up a bit, but if I'm completely honest the big kicker is that a previous lady-friend of Fiance painted the kitchen back before my time, and I wasn't cool with that.

I don't think of myself as a jealous person.  I would wager that Fiance would say I wasn't a jealous person at all.  I know we weirded out our Mexican friends quite often with my comfort in him hanging out with other women without me, or like last weekend when he went dancing - that's not my bag, and he had a good time.  All about trust y'all.  And then he came home and called me, and I so I feel like everybody won on that one.  

Listen, I know he had a life before me, and likewise, he gets that I had one before him.  I'm not denying those times happened, and I'm happy they did because previous relationships always teach you something good to take with you to the next one.  BUT.  I don't need to be reminded of his past without me while I eat my Wheaties every morning.  

And thus the kitchen was the first stop on the paint-train.  Woo-wooo!

Here's the before:

See, not horrible, but it's pretty "meh."  The countertop with the earth tones always made me kind think "yuck."  So off to home depot I went.  And here's how the rest of the painting adventure continued from there in my mind...
  • There are few things as wonderful as the paint with the primer included.
  • This couldn't possibly take that long, maybe two days - one for cupboards and trim, one for the walls.  Boom.
  • Wow, taping off these cupboards took forever!  Good thing the actual painting will go quickly.
  • You know, I wasn't going to paint the inside of the cabinets, but I bet it would look better.  And how much longer could it possibly take?
  • There simply must be something in my brain that just makes me block out how much I HATE painting [rooms, not paintings.  Love painting paintings] just before every time I go to paint a room.  What the hell was I thinking?  The INSIDE OF THE CABINETS?!  Who looks in there?  I mean, besides when you go to get a glass of water.  But who would be all "oh, the inside is a different color."  Assholes, that's who.
  • Oh my lord in heaven how I am STILL NOT DONE WITH THE CUPBOARDS?
  • It is a nice day out, I'm going to paint all the cupboard doors out in the backyard.
Death to infidels.
  • Did that bird seriously take a deuce on the door I JUST finished painting!?  I will end you, Mr. Grackle.
  • I'm at a good point to probably move this fridge out to the garage I think, make room for the nice new fridge we're bringing up from Mexico.
  • Oop, yep, nope, not moving that anywhere by myself.
  • OMIGAWD yay!  Cupboards are done-zo!  Time for walls.
  • My arms are going to fall off from roller-painting the walls.
  • What are those little grey bits on the floor?  ...Bubba walked through the paint.
  • EDIT:  There are few things as wonderful as the paint with the primer included which scrapes easily off of tile floors.
  • Holy cow this looks schmexy.  It's going to look even better when I paint the dining room! 
  • See that?  That's how I end up painting even more rooms and continuing this masochistic spiral of doom.
  • Paint: completed!
  • Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!  
  • If I thought painting the cupboards was a stupid time-suck of an idea, screwing all the hinges back onto said cupboards and cupboard doors is a bigger one.  
(This is about the time I started taking a "break" every fifteen minutes so I could be all crabby and flail my arms at the hopelessness of the project that never ends.)

  • Done!  Yay!

  • ...Wait... where's the doors for this cupboard?
  • ...On top of the fridge...
  • ...unpainted...
  • Cue ultimate rage storm.

(and the before again for instant comparison)

But really, it looks awesome now, right?  (if you disagree you can feel free to not comment.  cool, thanks.)
And now I'm really into the swing of wedding registry dreaming.  

Like, right here?  Here is where I will store our set of matching dishes and flatware

Here is where we will store our serving dishes, and possibly our new folding pancake griddle (which will be used to make tortillas for friends and family.)

And here is where our breakfast buffet/ extra counter space with stools will go, centered nicely underneath our new pot rack.  

It will all be wondrous*. 

Now I just have to figure out how to move a few things around before I start the next round of painting.  Namely, I need to get that old fridge out to the garage, a few book cases moved from upstairs to down stairs, and the desk downstairs needs to get relocated upstairs.   Short of hiring some creeper off of craigslist, I'm a little lost on how to make this happen.  Any suggestions, peanut gallery?

What kind of painting projects have you tucked into?  
Any horror/ triumphant stories you want to share?  
I'd love to read them in the comments!

*When I was in college, I took a ceramics sculpture class.  The Professor (one of my favorites!) gave us a list of things we had to turn in for our final critique to receive a grade in the course; "one sculpture of a food item, one functional vessel, a self-portrait bust..."  I thought I was totally on top of this, and a week or so beforehand I lined up all my sculptures to turn in so I could go down the list and check them off.  Horror struck when I realized I was missing the last item: "One wondrous piece of your choosing.

I totally didn't have a wondrous piece left over to add into the mix.
And so I did what any good-natured art student fearing an F/ incomplete mark would do:  I hollowed out a lump of clay, wrote "I'm wondrous, wondrous I tell you."  on it, then put it in the kiln.  A week later, I honestly turned that, unglazed, lumpy piece of ceramic in as my wondrous piece.  

I aced my critique.
And that's college life as an art student.  Jealous?


Anonymous said...

you did an awesome job!! it looks way better than before. And just so you know, he picked the colors. ^_^

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

If you have a hand truck, moving the fridge should be do able. If you don't, go buy a hand truck. Also, awesome paint job on the kitchen. I love that color of dark gray, and wish I had a room I could make that work in.

Kp said...

Thank you both! I decided to pull the wimpy girl card and sucker someone else into doing it. Just gotta find the sucker now. And hope that they're not offended as I refer to them on a public forum as a sucker.