Monday, June 25, 2012

I'd Like to Solve the Puzzle, Pat.

(exclusive nightclub. are. you. kidding. me.)

On my third date with Fiance, he taught me how to solve a Rubiks Cube.

That multi-colored, mind-boggling piece of 80's nostalgia has long interested me.  When I worked at a school in Texas, I had a student on staff who was an avid cube-solver.  When I had our weekly one on one meetings I realized that he were more open to talking if I spent the time scrambling a cube and handing it back to him so he could talk while focusing on re-solving it instead of being your typical stoic Texan.  Said RA also offered on numerous occasions to teach me the secrets of the cube, but I just had no interest.  It was more interesting to me to watch him solve it in record time (his goal throughout the year was to be able to regularly solve a cube in less than 2 minutes - a goal he accomplished by the time I left T-sas.)

It was just as fascinating when Fiance showed me he could solve a standard 3x3 cube in the same amount of time.  Except, you know, more so because this wasn't a student, this was day two of me knowing this handsome and chivalrous man I wished to date, and so I was still super twitter-pated.

Skipping back to date three (di-di-di-li-do) and Fiance sat me down, put a cube in front of me and said "I'm gonna teach you how to solve it."

I'm gonna teach you how to solve this!
I love puzzles.  Which I had mentioned to Fiance, but since we were still very very early in the getting to know you portion of the relationship, I don't think he really understood just how much I love puzzles, and how competitive my brain becomes, and how hard my OCD kicks in with regard to completing a puzzle - until he insisted on teaching me the cube, even after I said "really, I don't know if that's a good idea... I'll become obsessed."

Woah!  did you see that!?
We watched a movie that night.  What movie?  No.  Idea.  

The next few weeks were spent eating, sleeping, breathing the furthering of my knowledge on how to solve a cube.  I would work on it as I walked to and from work.  I would sit on the couch each night, pretending to be watching TV like a normal human being, but every once in a while I'd look up and it would be 60 Minutes because I had originally turned on a rerun of Friends three hours earlier and then forgotten the TV existed.

Eventually, my boss very gently suggested that I stop bringing the stupid thing to work, as my productivity had taken a notable nose-dive.

But about a week later - I finally got it.

I took this picture 1 minute and 30 seconds after solving the cube for the first time all on my own.
The gap in time between solving and picture can be attributed to me being so excited
about my triumph that I had to go pee before I fired up the camera
.  True story.

I'm not going to be that person who's all "oh, it's EASY once you know how."  It's not really that easy. With practice you get some muscle memory and it gets really fun to impress friends with your new bar trick.  But it takes some time to pick up.  If'n your interested, here's the a link to the steps I/ we use:

If you're a super nerd and already know how to do this, I pose this question:  
Which side do you solve first?  
Fiance always solves green first.  I solve yellow, because I think it's sunshine-y and happy.  And since he's so trained to green it trips him up and makes me laugh.

Fast forward a few years, and we're just a few months out from our wedding.  As soon as I got to the checklist item of "find favors" I knew what I wanted to send with each of our friends and family members as they left as a reminder of our ceremony and celebration.  Fiance was on board when I pitched it, and thus, the search for affordable bulk Rubiks Cubes began.  Throughout this search it has occurred to me that I'm going to need to go back to practicing the cube because I'm getting rusty and I'll be damned if I'm going to be embarrassed by a child's TOY in front of all our dearest friends and family.

I finally found them this week and placed an order over the phone with a really rad sales rep who gave me free shipping "as a wedding present."  I hung up the phone with a grin from ear to ear, feeling like this was one of those bits of the wedding that we truly personalized to us.

About 15 seconds later it occurred to me that 13 GIANT BOXES of Rubiks Cubes are now en-route to the house. 
So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to try my damnedest to identify a space for that to be stored.  Wish me luck!

What did you do at your wedding/ reception that made the day feel like it was really yours?

PS. um.  this.


Anonymous said...

That was a crazy year with the cube... brings back great memories!

I always try yellow first because that's how Todd taught me.

The things that really stick out in my mind that made my wedding personal are our cake topper (Barbie and GI Joe) and having Squishy sing to me.

I'm so jazzed for your wedding. Justin is off work next Friday so I'm taking my happy butt to David's Bridal and buying my dress/booking a flight/reserving the hotel. All things that are MUCH easier to do when he can entertain the 2 year old!

Kp said...

Horrah! 3 steps closer to being able to hang out with you! (i remember you telling me about barbie and ken. adorbs)

Rikki said...

Every single time I read anything about your wedding I a) decided your even cooler than I remember from high school and b) get even more super excited to celebrate with you. Awesome.

Danielle said...

Very cool thing to add to a wedding! I don't remember anything overly "us" at our wedding (it was 8 years ago and my memory is fuzz) but I wish we had something special like that.

Good luck finding space!

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I have to say that the best thing I remember about my wedding day was the cake. It was ordered becasue it was pretty so I expected it to taste like Styrofoam. But it was wonderful. I had no idea how good cake could be until that moment. I don't know if I should feel sad or happy that was the thing I remember best...