Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I set a live trap to get rid of the groundhog. Also: books.

Yesterday morning I peeked out the backyard window to see MOVEMENT IN THE TRAP!
At which I immediately panicked.  What the hell do I do with an angry groundhog in a tiny cage!?  I mean, let it go somewhere else, right?  But where?  Is that legal?  Can I put plastic down in the car under the trap so he doesn't pee in there or will he eat it and die?  

Whatever the case, it was hot yesterday and I needed to at least move the trap into the garage out of the direct sun while I pondered.  So I opened the back door and started trudging out to the trap.  With each step I became more confident and proud.  Hell yes.  The groundhog was finally caught, my garden was finally saved, and I could finally fill in the hole under the shed.   Except.... he looks smaller than I remember  seeing him when he would lumber across the lawn at dusk.

Way smaller.

It's... it's totally not the ground hog.

No friends, I did not catch the stupid groundhog, I caught a tiny baby raccoon.

And I will love him and squeeze him and pet him and hug him and I will call him George.

Just kidding.  I will call him Yams, because thats the bait I used which caught the little dude.
Additional just kidding, I already let him go. Right back in the yard because he was a baby (just slightly bigger than a softball!)  and mama was waiting, and I felt horrible for scaring the little dude so bad.

Yams waddled pretty quickly off to the nearest tree, scurried up it, and rejoined mama with a few of those criioooo noises that raccoons make so well. 

And then I put more yams in the trap, crossed my fingers, and went back in the house.  Still no groundhog.

Ever had a groundhog problem?  Any suggestions?  
He seems to be too smart for the trap, but I am limited in other areas too:
  1. Illegal to shoot him in city limits (also it is unrealistic that I could really 
  2. I'm not putting poison out in a yard that Mac and Bubba use to regularly
  3. Animal control will not come and get him because he is a native Michigan species and is not wounded or sick.

Ugh.  Rock, meet hard place.

Different topic/ Lead in to Friday's post:
I've been busy in the basement/ living room space lately.  Namely, I've taken to moving all the books we own down there.  All of them.

It seemed like a really great idea to have all the books in one central spot in the house, library style.  Until I moved all of them.  

Fiance, we have a book problem, and we need help. 

(no we don't.  books are awesome).

But even more amusing is when all of our books are laid out together, I get to look at the books I brought to this pile versus the books Fiance brought.   There was one in particular which made my OCD heart laugh out loud.

This was not my book folks.  Clearly Fiance skipped the important chapters.  (Which I say out of love.  From my position on the floor.  Where I am rolling around laughing at the absurdity that Fiance owned a book about reducing clutter.)


Jilly said...

I think you should get lots of shelves and arrange the books in color order. My two cents :)

Heather said...

If there ever comes a time when you guys move in with us, the books will become a huge problem. They kinda are already at our house...if you get any great ideas (besides arrainging them by COLOR, come on Jill, how do you find the right book then?) let me know.

Kp said...

Meh, it's going to be a pretty conventional, alphabetical set-up. Fiance being an engineer, as cool as color-order would look (and i'm a pretty visual person, so I'd be just fine and dandy finding a good read by color), I think he'll need something a bit more traditionally logical. :)

Heather, we'd have to have a book room. or three. Or really I'm betting we could build an extra house out of books in the yard to hold our books. Ah-yup.

Karen said...

You should think about putting them in call number order. I may be biased, but having books in LC order is rather calming.

If you end up doing basic ABC, are you going to separate out fiction and non?

Kp said...

YES. Karen I forgot about your library credentials. Where do I find this number for books that were not purchased from a library sale? Or for that matter, since Fiance speaks Japanese, where do I find this number on books that don't have a discernible front or back or, "Is this upside-down?"

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I have so many books I have started using them as furniture at this point. As for the ground hog, we had one under a shed, similar situation so we saved up a bunch of smelly used kitty litter and then dumped it into his hole. He didn't stick around much after that. Just make sure you have enough to really get down into the hole. Nothing likes the smell of cat pee. Nothing!

Kp said...

I am so geeked to try this cat pee trick is is borderline crazy. Wishing and hoping this works - thanks QHtM!