Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Animated Update

There are plenty of things to talk about here, but I'm still in the middle of finishing up projects and writing up my thoughts on these subjects.  So until then, how about an update on life since the last post, brought to you in the super trendy fashion of "What should we call me" stupid animated gifs.  OooOoh yeah.

As you may recall, Thursday I drove to Wisconsin to see BFFJ, celebrate her [currently incubating] baby, and just in general hang out.

As I start the 6+ hour drive:

When I get cut off by a moron trying to break the sound barrier in the middle of a construction zone:

Upon crossing the border into Wisconsin and making the obligatory pit stop at the Mars Cheese Castle:

Getting to see BFFJ for the first time since her wedding years ago:

As we're chatting over a smoothie/ coffee and BFFJ states that she feels fat when in fact she is simply smuggling a bouncing baby basketball under her shirt, and looks gorgeous as ever:

My reaction to the food at my first traditional Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry in years:

At BFFJ's shower, when she opens the gift I got her, and gets just as excited about her home made Harry Potter baby book as I was to give it to her:

The impromptu "bachelorett-ish fling" BFFJ hosts for me, when she pulls out the feather boa, pink "Bachelorette" sash, bead necklaces, and tiara:

How I felt after the 6+ hour car ride back home to Michigan:

How Bubba felt after Mac and I returned from a 5 day trip away from him:

My reaction at how much my brain clearly underestimated how much work goes into painting a kitchen:

My reaction when I finish painting the kitchen:

And the subsequent reaction when I notice the two cabinet doors that I stashed on top of the fridge and then forgot to paint... right after I finished cleaning up all the paint brushes, etc.:

And then: 

How motivated I am to just suck it up and paint the last two doors so I can be done with this project today:

What have y'all been up to lately? Any good home projects going on?

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This rocks :)