Friday, May 18, 2012

Ripe with Love.

Have you ever heard of the game "Honey I Love You But I Just Can't Smile?"

Basic jist: The person who is "it" must single out another player, look them straight in the eye, and say the phrase "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile."  ...Without smiling.  If they succeed, then the person they said the phrase to is "it," and the game goes on.  If they fail by smiling, they must try again.

Actually, I just googled it and realized I explained that all wrong.  Here's a link to the real rules, but the above is how I explained it to Fiance the other night.

I was first introduced to this game in high school - it was a warm-up exercise before rehearsal when I was in One-Act Play competitions.  It helped loosen up the group, and was good practice for staying in character, not breaking the fourth wall.  And, you know, it was hilarious fun for a bunch of teenagers.

Newsflash?  Totally fun for a couple to play too.  Especially because both Fiance and I are TERRIBLE at not smiling.

So we're playing the other night, and I have latched onto the tactic that Fiance is totally incapable of saying that phrase to me without smiling, particularly if as he starts I look at him with a ridiculous smile and crazy eyes.

Something like this.  You laughed too, didn't you? [you're it.]

Then he found his own loophole:

Fiance: So basically, to win this round I have to distract you so that you can't distract me, and then I have to say it quick.
Kp:  I guess.  Good luck.
Fiance:  Can you smell that?
Kp:  Did you... did you just OH MY GOD FART.
Fiance: HoneyILoveYouButIJustCan'tSmile.  I WIN!

... We may have different definitions of the term "win," Fiance.  

What silly games do you play with your significant other?  
As we're a mere week away from me leaving Fiance in Mexico for the next four months, if you have one that can be played over phone or internet... Seriously.  Hit me up in the comments.

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Erin said...

oh dear lord. A. I REMEMBER playing that during One-Act and thanks, I feel old now. B. My husband would TOTALLY do that. He already gets this look of unholy glee when he farts and leaves it in a well trafficked spot for me or one of the kids to walk through.