Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Got a Brand New Vacuum, Cleans Up My Liiiiiife

Quick back story: Fiance has a particularly Irish surname, and as such, many of his family members have used "Mac" as a nickname. I find this amusing, as you may have noticed I named our dog Mac before I ever met Fiance. I think his family finds it to be fun as well.

 My surname is Peterson (just in case you didn't know), and most of my family members (including myself for a short time before Kp became, quite frankly, cooler) have used "Pete" as a nickname. Thus, I have resolved that our next puppy will be named Pete. It rounds everything out nicely, and it kind of "goes" with the names Bubba and Mac, right? Right.

Last night, Fiance and I were chatting as we were waiting in the checkout line at the pet store (Mac needed Mac food), and the following conversation took place:

Fiance: Well, looks like you're going to have your Pete sooner than expected!
Kp: [thought process: We are in a pet store.  He is totally gonna buy me a puppy. OMIGOSH SQUEE] Yeah?
Fiance: Yep, in just 8-10 weeks
Kp:  [thought process: You can't get a puppy until it's 8-10 weeks old.  TOTALLY GETTING A PUPPY.]  YEAH?!
Fiance: Yeah, that's what the contest terms said for shipping, right?
Kp: [thought process: I have just caught on. We are not getting a puppy.  No puppies for Kp.]  We are not naming the Roomba Pete.  And you have just ruined my world.
Fiance: Huh?
Kp: Don't talk to me.

Here's the sitch:  Roombas.  Have you heard of them?  They are a tiny, circular machines made by the iRobot corporation which can vacuum your house for you at the simple press of a button.  Cats apparently like to ride them.  Also: We want one.

Fiance really likes robots, I really like clean houses.  It seemed like a no brainer for the top of our wedding  registry. (number 2 on the list?  The Scooba, which will MOP your floor.  *drool*)

Then a few weeks ago, the iRobot corporation announced a dance contest to see who could "out-robot the Roomba."

If you did not immediately leap to the conclusion that we dressed our dog up in tin-foil to look like a robot, while making him dance to the Roomba theme-song, then you haven't been reading this blog long enough.


This is my favorite.  The "I just want you to be happy, mom." Face.  
Easily confused with the "I just hope this ends in cookies, mom" Face.

Wanna hear something really, really, flipping cool?  WE KINDA WON.

Or more specifically, Mac, Aka the Roo-Bug K-9000, won.  We are ecstatic.

We were a bit fuzzy on the details originally, but the contest is still going on.  Here's what we know:

  • We're one of the 20 finalists.
  • Which means we have ALREADY WON a free Roomba (yay!)
  • NOW, the contest changes from a judging panel that choose the top 20, to inviting people to vote for their favorites.
  • The top three vote-receivers get a trophy of some kind.
  • Fiance REALLY, really wants a Roomba trophy.
  • YOU can totally help Fiance realize his wildest dreams.

1.  Please go to this link to visit the contest submissions:  

2.  Click the "skip" button in between the two "vs" videos until you see a thumbnail of our Dancin' Doggy pop up.

3.  Click on Mac to watch him shake his groove thing.

4.  Click the "Choose" button below Mac to vote for him.

5.  Lather, rinse, Repeat.  As many times as you like, until the 29th of May.

6.  Get the Roomba theme song eternally stuck in your head.  To be fair, it's not the worst theme song I've ever heard.

In exchange for your participation, I humbly offer this blooper reel.


1.  I finally finished re-styling our dining room chairs.  And I'm really excited about them.  Originally, our dining room chairs were from Fiance's bachelorhood days - they were shiny (mostly chipped) black and upholstered in white (at least I think the seats where white at some point), and they were proudly placed around our brown dining room table.
 The before and after

Okay one, I hate strongly dislike black for home decor.  It's too cold to me.  And two, they had stopped functioning as chairs a few months ago.  The joints were all coming unglued, and at any given time you could be in the middle of dinner and suddenly collapse into a pile of chair pieces.  Which, you know, hurt.  We were concerned that eventually it wouldn't be just Fiance or me falling out of those chairs, but eventually a friend, guest, or heaven forbid, one of our friend's kids would take a tumble.  So they needed an overhaul.

Finished products (minus the one that Fiance took for the Man Cave)

Cue Kp with a couple cans of spray paint, light green fabric, a tube of liquid nail, sand paper, and a staple gun.  And now they're lovely and stable and Bubba approved.

He likes the chairs.  The camera in his face? He is... less than pleased about.

I approve too, which is good, because after sanding all the original black paint down, I've been blowing my noise to find black snot the last few days.
Labor of love.

2.  It's official:  I start my journey back to the states on the 26th.  Which would probably make you be all "man, you should totally start packing."  But to me it says "I really need to play more Legend of Zelda before I leave the TV behind for a few months."

3.  I'm not addicted to Zelda.  I can stop anytime I want.  Just not right now because... reasons.

4.  Never fear, the robot costume didn't go to waste after the taping.  We used it to upgrade our home security system.


Jamie said...

Are you bringing the robot dinosaur back with you? Cause I totally want to borrow it! :)

And yes, I voted for Mac.

Kp said...

Of course he's coming with me! And you're welcome to borrow him, but keep in mind Rrralph has a wedding to attend in August. :)

Rikki said...

I am so glad that we re-connected via blogging because I would be so sad to know I missed out on that video of your dog dancing. It reassures me that I am not the only crazy person out there who would... you know... film my animals being cute to win contests for pretty cool things.

RK said...

Please send Mac (dog) to me - there are many crumbs under the dining table that need to be cleaned up. I did NOT put them there by kicking said crumbs under said table since I'm too lazy to sweep.

Dana said...

KP- I voted for Mac and I will vote again and again! It warmed my heart to see Rrralph again- I can't wait to see where he appears at the summer wedding. Does he have a tux yet? Safe travels home! Let me know when you are back in town so you and I and Deanna can go to lunch. Dana

Kp said...

Thanks for all the votes y'all!

Rikki - Ditto. And your cats are adorbs.
RK - Only if you promise to return him when he's done polishing your floors. He's our ring bearer in a few months.
Dana - I wasn't planning on any formal Rrralph-wear until you said that... & I'll be home in a few short weeks!

Jamie said...

I just need Rrralph to attend Relay for Life on June 9th to lend some street cred to my "Movies of Steven Spielberg" tent site design. Ya know, an escapee of Jurassic Park (for the low-low cost of nothing)?

And I've totally voted for Mac many times already.