Monday, May 28, 2012

End of the Road

Howdy howdy howdy from K-to-the-zoo.

Ready for the final day of driving recaps?  Here's where we're at:

(visual joke.  we're at the little flag.  and if you're curious, our route was the blue line.)

1. Today while I was in the midst of passing a semi truck, another car full of people came zipping up behind me.  The driver was clearly upset that he had to slow down to avoid rear-ending me, banging on his dashboard angrily.  So I kept my eye on him.  Then his passenger got excited and pointed at the back of Dora and started yelling.  He saw the Mexican plates.

Then... four guys in the car took off their shirts?  Really truly this happened.  I... I can only speculate that they thought perhaps this Mexican car contained some crazy Mexican Drug Dealer, and they were going to try and intimidate this "Esse."

I'd say that theory was mostly confirmed when they pulled up to the side of Dora and saw a white girl in pigtails driving the car.  3 of 4 guys were instantly very clearly disappointed.  The 4th one waved emphatically at me.  So I gave him a courteous little nod, and they sped off into the horizon.

2.  For the curious, here is how you travel with a Bubba-cat and Mac-dog.  Bubba likes riding shottie more than your average tabby.

(this is how they ride, anyway, until Bubba gets all antsy.  Then he gets stuffed in the box, where he meows constantly so I can not forget he is less than pleased.)

3.  Best sign today:


4.  Hey, you remember that time, in the last post, where I mentioned that the people staying in the room next to mine were being really loud... in the biblical sense?

Here's where this blog post gets funny.

So 3AM rolls around, and apparently they decided to have a round two.  This woke me up, and of course it work up Mac.  Mac decided that the noises must be coming from the wall, which was clearly possessed, and I needed to be protected from it.  So he started growling at the wall full tilt - hackles raised, teeth bared, the whole nine yards.  I can't really explain Mac's growl, except to say that you probably don't want to ever be on the other end of it.  

The "noises" stopped about 30 seconds into Mac's growls.  About 30 seconds after that, my room phone rang.  Front desk.

"Um, hi.  We're getting complaints about your dog barking?"

So here's the thing: I am a pretty nice person generally speaking - to the point where Fiance has once or twice become upset about me not holding my own.  However, Fiance would also be the first person to tell you that you will get a much different result in personality if you wake me up and do not immediately hand me coffee.  Loud 3AM sex and a call from the front desk about how I was being disrupting had no discernible likeness to coffee, and thus, Hulk Kp came on out.

It should also be noted that we were at the end of the hallway, so literally the only people who could have called to complain about Mac were my neighbors.  Thus, my response was such:

"Yes, the dog is growling.  He is growling at the wall because - and I'm going to say this loudly so that they can hear the reason too - HE IS GROWLING AT THE WALL BECAUSE THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR ARE HAVING SEX SO LOUDLY WE CAN'T SLEEP AND HE THINKS I'M IN DANGER.  If they could just, cool it down a bit, I'm all for live and let live, but seriously, it's 3AM and we'd both like some sleep."

The poor front desk girl was clearly embarrassed for the complainants.  She thanked me and quickly hung up.  And then the noises stopped.  I don't know if the front desk called them back, or if they heard me.  I suppose I don't care.  I also couldn't help but feel like I was back being a Live-On College Administrator again.  That's a job that never had two days which were the same, but there were constants.  Absurdly loud and disrupting sex could be depended upon to come around once a month or so.  At least this time I didn't have to sit anyone down and have an educational discussion about choices and living respectfully as part of a community.  

Sometimes it's just nice to be immature.

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