Friday, May 04, 2012

Audience Participation Friday (10)

See Kp.  See Kp procrastinate (kudos to Facebook for tipping me off to that purrfect link.) a ridiculous amount today.

I need to go grocery shopping.  Which means I need to shower.  Which means I need to get exercising out of the way for the day.  And I dunwanna.

I'ma suck it up in just a minute, but first one last effort to push that inevitable climb onto the treadmill a bit longer.  Time for Audience Participation Friday!

I think, what would be most helpful, would be to have some sort of phrase to motivate myself.  A mantra. Or, if you will... my own personal CATCH PHRASE.  Want your own illustrated catch phrase?  Awesome, 'cause that's what's on the ticket today.

As always friends, here's the rules:

  1. Go HERE.
  2. Discover your catch phrase by clicking the brick wall (or your kid's  catch phrase, or your pet's  catch phrase.  I don't care, have fun with it).  Try not to weep in joy at how perfectly this simple exercise embodies your personality and existence into one beautifully described sentence.  
  3. Post your  catch phrase in the comments. 
  4. I'll read the comment, and create masterful pieces of art*
  5. You return to this post later and I will have added a doodle of the  catch phrase which represents the very essence of your soul.
  6. You have until Saturday at midnight central time to make the above 6 steps happen.
*Example of aforementioned Masterful doodle:

My catchphrase - Bash the Bike!

Which is excellent, because I can run, but I fail hard at "spinning."

What are you waiting for?  Get to Clickin!
...yeah yeah. i guess i'll go run.

[EDIT] Here they Come Folks!


Karen said...

Click the DVD!

Fiance said...

Punish the worm.