Saturday, May 26, 2012

Also, and another thing

Hi all.  oh yes, the blog, she lives.

Let me catch you all up as quickly as I can.

1.  This past Monday, Mexico decided to give me one more good kick in the balls and blow out the internet to the house.  This means all my final thoughts on living in Mexico, and my processing of moving out, and some other things went unblogged.  (I'll post them later, no worries)  It also means my school loan went unpaid.  But priorities: I logged into blogger first tonight.

2.  I am posting this from a king size bed at the Holiday Inn Express located in... I honestly have no idea.  It's a very small Texas town in-between Dallas and Texarkana.  So I'm back stateside.  But I also spent literally all day driving through the state of Texas while Bubba screamed at me about the injustice of cat carriers and or cat seat belt harnesses.  It the SIXTH hotel that I stopped at.  There was no room at any of the previous Inns.  Here's hoping I don't give birth to the next Baby Jesus tonight.

3.  Getting through the border was far easier than we anticipated.  We didn't get searched, the border agent gave only a cursory glance at our paper work.  I'm not complaining, I'm just in awe.

4.  Fiance made me some "mix CDs" for the trip.  I thought those would be a whole lot of awesome 90's nostalgia to bop to on the drive, based on his music collection.  It turned out to be kind of that, but more a whole lot of super sappy love songs.  Which may or may not have made me sob so hard I debated pulling over.  Because I won't see him for 3 whole months now.  See also: Why I could not be a military wife, and why I have an insanely profound respect for the women who are.

5.  Mac got to pee on real grass at a rest stop today.  And immediately after some little kids who were not at all afraid of him asked to pet him/ give him high fives.  He was pretty excited about the whole thing.  Thought you would want to know.

6.  The best road sign I saw today:
"Prison Area: Do Not Pick Up Hitch Hikers"

7.  Today at a gas station, the attendant looked visibly relived when I said "Hello" to her, then said "You're American?"  And when I said yes, her reply was "See? I KNEW you weren't dark enough to be one of those Mexicans.  Why do you have Mexican car plates?"  ...Oh Texas, I didn't miss you.

Stay tuned folks, more exciting things tales of driving cross country coming down the pipeline.


Jill said...

YYYYEEAAAHHHHHH!!!! Soooo excited to see this :) Had been praying all day that things would go well for you :) Call me if you need to kill driving time!

Erin said...

Hope you enjoyed driving through my state. I hate it here too.

Oh - and you get used to it - the military wife thing. It sucks and I apparently say things like "f*cking air force" when the alarm goes off at 3:30am during an exercise on base, but you get used to it.