Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Some Assembly Required: Easter Bunny Mask

Coming at you with another FREE downloadable KpQuePasa paper craft today folks!
Since Easter is right around the corner, and since Mexico does not associate Bunnies with Easter at ALL, I'm rebelling, and today, I've got a downloadable bunny mask for you to make.  That's right Mexico, what'chu gonna do about it?

Wanna make your own?  Of course you do.  Here's the low-down.
Firstly, you're going to need:

1.  Download and print the file.  Duh.

2. Color!  I'm all about artistic freedom, I made my bunny blue, because I've never seen a blue bunny.  (Actually scratch that, maybe I was just hungry for ice cream).  Pro tip: If you want a light pastel look, color lightly with colored pencils, then go back and swipe and eraser over the pigment.  It'll look quacktastic.

 3.  Cut out the mask pieces along the THICK SOLID lines.  Make sure when you are cutting around the nose, that you cut all the way up to where the black solid line meets with the second dotted line.

(don't forget the eye-holes)

4.  Carefully crease the mask at each of the dotted lines.  First the top of the nose...

...then the bottom of the nose.

This will make the mask both slightly 3-dimensional, and easier to keep it on your face without smashing your nose.

5.  Glue or tape your ears and teeth into place.  Personalize your bunny - do his/her ears stand straight up and perky, do they sit quizzically to the side?  Do you color both sides of the ears and fold them over to add attitude?  It's all up to you.

 6.  Glue or tape your stick or string to the back of the bunny mask.  I went with a stick, as pictured.

If you use a string, measure the way around the back of your head from temple to temple with something that's got a bit of stretch (yarn is excellent), then add an extra inch on to each end.  Use strong tape to stick the extra end inches of the string to the back of the mask just on the outsides of the eye-holes.  That'll keep the string at the right level to tuck  behind your ears comfortably, and will allow the bunny cheeks to stick out, giving the illusion of fluffy fur.

7.  Try it on and spread Easter love.

You might be reading this and being all, "what kind of application could this possibly have?"  To which I say "you are 0% fun."

But alright Mr./ Ms. Stick in the Mud. I see your penchant for ruining fun everywhere and I raise you some fun-inducing suggestions:
  • Hide Easter eggs whilst donning your mask.  Helps you stay in character.
  • Play "You're Sexy and You Know It" loudly on your stereo and insist that instead of wiggling, everyone in the room hop with you.  (or wiggle your imaginary cotton tail!)
  • Reenact any scene from Alice and Wonderland which includes either the White Rabbit or the March Hare (you might want to make longer ears for March Hare impersonations)
  • Throw an impromptu fancy costume party.  It doesn't have to be Halloween for you to be awesome.
  • Hide behind a door, pop out and yell "BUNNY ATTACK!" at your significant other when he enters a room.  
  • Pretend to be a Playboy bunny.  Feign indifference when someone is rude enough to point out the mask makes you look like the wrong kind of bunny. Insist they bring you a plate of tator tots while you jump on a giant trampoline just like if you really lived in the mansion.
  • Eat a carrot (or celery if don't like carrots), refuse to say anything to anyone other than "Eh, What's Up Doc?"
  • Play a more intense game of Chubby Bunny
Any awesome suggestions  I'm missing?  Let me know!

But.  If you read all that and you're still insisting this is only a craft for kids.  FINE.  FINE.  Be like that.  Here:  I scaled it down for little ones if you CLICK HERE.  That's right, your kiddo can make their OWN bunny mask and hop around the house now.

However you end up using your bunny mask, I wanna hear about it!  Let me know in the comments, or send me a quick picture at  
And of course, Have a Hoppy Happy Easter!


Fiance said...

adorable sweetie! :)

Rikki said...

This may very well be my favorite post of yours ever. I wish I were half this creative.