Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Probably the Park

This weekend Fiance had a poker game guy's day.  He's been working some pretty long hours, so I could tell he was pretty geeked to have some friends over and just relax.  I was looking forward to having some good weekend time to take Mac-dog to the park and sit in the sun while our guests watched themselves get tromped by Fiance.  Because he's a rather good ruthless poker player, and everyone else is pretty much in the "learning how to play" stages of this whole poker shindig..

The park is the more important part of this story.  Mac really likes to go, and I like going on the weekends when there are more people around to watch.  So we piled into Dora with the big long 20' leash, some cookies, some water, and time to kill.  And Mac had an absolute blast.  I think mostly he likes the park so much because there's grass, which is kind of uncommon in Mexico.  So there was a lot of this:

[editors note: it is 11:30 and I have been trying to upload a video of Mac rolling in grass for the past HOUR.  it still hasn't finished.  so I'll put that here when it's up.  Okay thanks.]

A lot of that.  If he was any color other than black he would have been a big walking grass stain when we got home.  He also ran around in the big open space like he was a greyhound on speed.  And then he rolled in the grass some more.  All of this was lovely, until the wedding showed up.

There is a church just about a block from this park, and since it is in fact, a nice park, lots of people like to use the space for their photos.  This wedding party was no exception.  As usual, I took a moment to drink in the bride and groom: her dress was cute, I wasn't so sure about her colors (black white and scarlet red) this early in spring, but to each their own.  Her groom was fairly dapper too, and top hats always give me the impression that men have a good sense of humor about themselves (remind me sometime to tell you about my prom date), so that made me smile.

They walked around, and Mac and I watched, and they took a few shots.  And then the best man turned to me and started yelling something at us.  I'm pretty sure from the arm waving that we were sitting right where the bride and groom wanted to sit for their next picture.  So I moved with a "whoops, my bad, sorry" hand wave.  The bride smiled, the groom was totally not even paying attention to anything other than his bride's face (which I found sincerely adorable of course), and the best man just stared at Mac and scowled.

We went over to the big cement slide then.  I really have to get a video of this slide.  Mac LOVES it.  It's maybe 10 feet wide and is just a big slab of polished cement that you can slide down.  And because it's a good width for him, Mac will run to the top and slide down for cookies over, and over, and over.

Except we had apparently just gone from one space the bride and groom wanted to the next space the bride and groom wanted.  Whoops again.  Except the best man was not so nice this time when he yelled at us (not like yelling at us is really a nice thing to do to begin with...) He threw his arms up in exasperation as if Mac and I had come to the park with no other intention but to get in the way of when this bedraggled best man could FINALLY hit the open bar at the reception (I just think that's a funny joke to type, I highly doubt there was any booze at that reception.) 

Here's the thing: I don't' know this guy, and he's waving his arms and yelling and getting closer to us and is clearly angry.  Anyone else see where this is going?

Mac was having NONE of that.

He stepped in between me and the best man. I, seeing what was going down, started pulling in the slack from Mac's leash as quick as I could.
The best man, having no idea what was going down, just thought I was stalling more and so he yelled once more.  My "por favor, esperame un momento!" (please just a moment!) was drowned out by one very displeased sounding Roo-bug's growl.  The best man stopped in his tracks with a look of terror that indicated he was certain his death was imminent.

So then we left.  Very quickly.  But I did shout "felicidades!" (congrats!) over my shoulder to the bride, because she was awesome enough to give me a "oh sorry!" kind of look as we hustled back to Dora the Explorer.  Once in the car, I totally gave Mac a cookie for "protecting" me. 

Getting home, we pulled up to see that our friends had taken up Dora's usual parking space.  I decided to parallel park between another car and the telephone pole.

This telephone pole to be exact.

I'm not sure if I would be so bold to claim that the telephone pole is a bully.  I more like to think that Dora just figured the sun was very bright that day and so I needed a new pair of sunglasses.

In the end, I sheepishly had to take this fantastically shaped piece of tail light plastic (seriously, Kanye should invest in a pair.)  into the house and confess my ineptitude to Fiance and all his friends.  Though I got some light-hearted ribbing, it could have been worse.  I didn't damage the phone pole, Mac and I weren't hurt at all, I didn't hit any other cars, and the tail light still works.

But the lesson remains - Me and Parks of any kind:  They don't mix.

Do you have a stupid park story?  Parking your car or going to the park?  
I'd love to hear it in the comments!

Random Section Time!

1.  The downside of going off to Cancun was leaving my garden unattended for four days.  Apparently in Mexico that means that everything dies from lack of water.  Thankfully Fiance was kind enough to come with me to Home Depot yesterday and we invested in a few new plants and a water timer.  So now we're back in business (and I must say better than ever).

2.  Have you ever seen a tutorial or how-to on something that you thought was SO super complicated, and it turns out it's so easy you feel like a total schmuck afterwards?  Friends, I present to you, the fishtail braid.


Fiance said...

1. Mac dog is awesome!
2. Cars can be fixed
3. The garden is beautiful (Like you!)
4. Have a great day love!

Kp said...

(for everyone else but Fiance, apologies for the sappiness about to unfold)

1. Totes. Mac Dog is a bad ass.
2. Dora doesn't need fixin', she looks like a legit Mexican car now.
3. You are simply too fantastic for words.
4. You too Handsome!