Monday, April 09, 2012

Good News/ Bad News? Shall we? Sure. Good news/ bad news.

Good News:  We just got the green light to make our trek to the states!  We fly Thursday, Mac and Bub are set up at a Pet hotel, and I'm making a list of stuff to accomplish while stateside.
Bad News:  It's a short trip, and it's already jam-packed with stuff that has to get done.  Not a lot left over for relaxing or not getting sick.  Oh well.

Good News:  I'll be getting a new phone AND a new computer while we're there!
Bad News:  This is because BOTH the phone and the Mac laptop are now dead.  I've been writing posts from Fiance's computer for three weeks now, without a way to design anything fun or profitable, and I think both he and I are going insane from our poor ability to share.

Good News:  I get to speak English and generally understand 100% of what's being said around me.
Bad News:  I won't be able to tell you all about that in English until we get back probably.  Which is the end of the month. 

Good News:  I am making a list of other fun things for you to read and laugh at while we're away.
Bad News:  There is no bad news here - these are darned god blogs people.

So without further ado...

 The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
This is a blog about a woman who volunteers for the Humane Society, fostering litters of kittens.  She takes pictures of them and tells their adorable adoption tales. 

The Bloggess
This woman is insane, in a really hilarious way.  She collects taxidermied animals.  That should totally be sufficient in luring you into clicking that link.

Rants from Mommyland
These parents write stuff that has actually made me howl with laughter about their children.  Including this one, which I link here specifically for my pregnant friends.

Kalamazoo Foodies
I used to write for this site!  Until I moved out of Kalamazoo.  Good Friend Kate still posts occasionally, and if you are ever looking for a delicious recipe, youuuuuu should check here first.


Rikki said...

Thank you for posting the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. I now know what I'm going to be doing for every lunch hour in the future when I pack a lunch. OMG. I love. Simply love.

Kp said...

Rikki I have to be honest. I am totally, 100% flabbergasted that you did not know about the IBKC before now. Have fun with those archives!

Kate Y said...

Thanks for the shout out, friend! I need to get on some posting! :)

Kate Y said...

Oh. And, in other news... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!! :)

Kp said...

Ditto back atcha Kate! And I couldn't not post a KF link - your recipes are amazeballs.