Friday, March 02, 2012

Audience Participation Friday (6)

Hey all!

So today there is actually a lot to accomplish here at QuePasa headquarters - the Save the Dates for our wedding finally arrived in the mail, so I have a ton of work to do addressing and organizing them in order to get them shipped back out to people in a timely fashion.  Therefore today's APF will involve a little more work on your part than mine.

Whatever, you're doing this to procrastinate - it taking more time is just helping you.  You're Welcome.

This week you're going to help Fiance and I pick a honeymoon locale.  Here's the rules:

1.  Close your eyes.  Think of the most perfect place on earth that you can.  The kind of place you would (or did) go to for your honeymoon.  Got it?  GREAT.

2.  GO HERE.  Find that perfect place on the map on the right.  The map on the left will tell you what is EXACTLY half-way around the globe from your ideal luna miel (that's honeymoon in Spanish, keep up with me here).  Thank you Ze Frank for the awesomeness that is the Earth Sandwich tool.  Also thanks for just being awesome on a whole.  Seriously people.  Ze Frank.  If you want to procrastinate... oi.

3.  You might be in the middle of the ocean.  Zoom in a bunch.  See if  there are any islands around that you could kinda fudge a bit (see my example).  If not, make note of just what body of water you're hanging out in.

4.  Now GO HERE.  Yes, wikipedia.  Put your Earth Sandwich results in there and LEARN UP.  Pick out ONE thing about that space that could be termed "touristy." (this is where your OWN creativity comes in).

5.  Come back here and in the comments, tell me in your best sale pitch where we should honeymoon according to your results, and what can't-miss tourist attraction there is to check out there.  (For ocean results we'll pretend there's a cruise that goes that way).

6.  I will interpret your results into the kind of awesome tourism poster these places only WISH they had.  And then you can print one out, hang it near your office space, and day dream of the next trip you should be saving for.

7.  You've all got until Midnight on Saturday CENTRAL TIME to make the above 5 steps happen.


I picked Tasmania - my earth sandwich told me I'd be visiting the island of Flores, a mountainous, Portuguese municipality in the middle of the Atlantic.  Thus the pitch:

Visit Flores today - A romantic island where you can learn all about the famed Azorean dairy industry.  Take a factory tour - you'll love our Portuguese Cheese!

I really love that Portuguese & Cheese rhyme.  You couldn't ask for a better slogan.  
So folks, what are you waiting for?  Get to clickin'!

EDIT: Here they come folks erm... Folk!

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K said...

Isla de Sangayan, off the coast of a national park in Peru, described sometimes as the poor man's Galapagos. BUT-- you can do this:
Dune buggies, exploring a national park, beaches (I guess, it's an island, right?)... There's no Wikipedia page, so if you're fixin' to get away, it's the perfect place, y'all!