Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weekend's Compliment Sandwich Buffet

As I type this I'm eating leftovers.  But I was too lazy to actually put tacos together... so I just kinda cut it all up and put it in a tupperware dish.  I can't help but be reminded of KFC's failure piles in a sadness bowl.

I earned a little laziness I think (or at least that's how I'm justifying it).  We had... a rough (or ruff, if you're Mac) weekend here.  I'm going to recount it, but I decided for the sake of not being a horrible Debbie Downer that I shall recap using 'compliment sandwiches' - which anyone who's ever worked in a people services type job knows is the best way to break criticisms to someone without them taking it personally.  And for those who have not heard of a compliment sandwich; I'm pretty sure you'll pick it up quickly here.  So weekend - don't be too hard on yourself, we'll try again next Friday.

  • Compliment: We had a party on Saturday.
  • Criticism:  As excited as I was for our friends to come and see our house, the few who ended up coming didn't move from the 3-meter area within view of the soccer game streaming from my 13" laptop screen on the patio.  Because we have cool stuff in our house but we don't have cable.
  • Compliment:  The kids who came were ALL about seeing what cool things we had to offer.  Particularly the 3 year old who, upon starting a game of Super Mario Bros. Wii, dramatically whirled around to face his mother and yell:
Mama!  Princess Peach!  We have to save her!  Bowser took her and we have to go KILL HIM. (his voice dropped an entire octave and gained like +14 force for the "Kill Him" part of that statement, which I found endearing for some reason.) ((also that was in Spanish, but you get the point))

  • Compliment:  Parties where we get to grill out seem to be our favorite type of party here.
  • Criticism:  Less than half the amount of people who RSVP'd yes to the party showed up, so we now have over 10 pounds of rib eye steak in the freezer.
  • Compliment:  I don't have to plan anything for dinner this week.  Tonight?  Rib-eye tacos.  Tomorrow?  Rib eye tacos.  Wednesday?  RIB. EYE. TACOS.  (We do sincerely love rib-eye tacos, no worries.)

  • Compliment:  Having a party at your house means you can relax in your own environment.
  • Criticism:  It also means your puppy is in the house for the party,*  and when you put him outside for the few moments that people are eating food, he will have a full-blown panic attack, including vomit, poo, howling like a banshee, and then what I saw as I walked by the door - him chewing on the iron bars until his teeth bled.  I know, I felt horrid.  He's okay now folks.  We hugged it out.  

  • Compliment:  Excepting Mac's episode (which no one saw but me), many of our Mexican friends are getting more comfortable with the idea of a large dog hanging out with us.  Particularly when we have him moonwalk.  Or play dead.

  • Compliment:  Sunday we were invited to host some of the executives for Fiance's company on a bit of a Mexican show and tell.
  • Criticism:  Hanging with higher-ups for the company means not traipsing around the city in jeans and a t-shirt.  It means dress-shirt and heels.  While walking around the cobblestone streets of downtown Monterrey.  For three+ hours.  Long story short, we're out of bandaids now because THEY'RE ALL ON MY POOR, WOUNDED FEET.
you can see 'em if you look closely
  • Compliment:  The Execs are all Japanese, which is a very clean and germ-concerned culture.  Mexico, if you're not familiar, is just about as 180 from that thought process as you can get (which is not to say it's dirty, they're just not about to wear germ-masks in the streets or insist on using hand sanitizer).  I guess I was just amused at their faces when we bought them churros off a cart, broke it apart and handed them pieces with our bare hands.  Or when we tried to explain the communal plate of meat and tortillas we got for lunch.  But to give them credit, they were game to try it all.

  • Compliment:  The next thing that happened Sunday night, I guess I'm just happy that it happened this far into our time in Mexico.  Because we needed the amount of Spanish we've learned.
  • Criticism:  Dora the Explorer started smoking on our way back from dropping off the execs.  And the power steering died, the AC shut off, and she overheated.  Turns out the accessory belt broke.  
this is definitely supposed to be in my flipping CAR.
  • Compliment:  Fiance was driving when this happened, so I managed to mostly stay calm.  And we were once again shown how awesome the people of Mexico are when we stopped at Fiance's company (because it was close).  They helped us get Dora parked in the company parking lot, and THEN called us a cab to take us home.

  • Compliment:  I baked about 7 dozen cookies last night as a thank you to those awesome security guards.
  • Criticism:  We're out of sugar and I'm out a car to go and get more.
  • Compliment:  Being out of sugar is probably good for my waistline.

All in all, we're still alive.  So I guess we'll call it a win for team QuePasa.  Here's hoping we have more successes this next weekend when we give C the remaining 10+ pounds of steak to use at his birthday party. Ha.
so. much. meat. (and this isn't ALL of it!!!)

*I've hit on this topic before I think, but because Mac is a big dog, some of our friends are uncomfortable with him, since it is simply not culturally acceptable in Mexico for him to be in the house.  Ever.  So we put him outside while everyone was eating.  But Mac, having Doberman blood-lines, has an instinct to take care of me.  He doesn't know these people, they're acting uncomfortably around him (not what he would consider friendly), and now I, Kp, his main charge, well I'm with them out of his line of sight.  He can't handle it.  We've gotta figure something else out.  Puppy gates also not an option because they're not really party appropriate... and I'm pretty sure he'd jump it.


Rob Oh said...

This made me laugh because it reminded me of how much I miss street vendor food here...
As for communal plates, that's not too uncommon here, especially at drinking establishments... but you pretty much HAVE TO put it on your own plate before eating it. The hand eating is probably the big one... even at McDonalds, people hod hamburgers with the wrappers so they dont touch the food. I have friends who eat fries with chopsticks...

Kp said...

Haha, yeah, I think the sticking point with the communal plates is that you just pick what you want off of it with your fingers, even if it's not the top-most thing you're grabbing.

Unless you're eating soup, people perceive you as snooty here when you use utensils for anything. (And even then sometimes you could instead just drink it out of the bowl instead of using a spoon.)