Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Just some Randoms

It's raining out.
Which is fantastic for Monterrey... it's usually pretty dry.  So it'll be fun in a few days to see how much more green everything gets.  But for right now it's just kinda blah.

And I don't even have one coherent topic to type about today.  Hopefully that turns into something entertaining instead of more blah.

Registering for gifts.

Registering seems like something so simple to do.  Yet as a couple, we're in a different space than a lot of other newlyweds.  Namely that we've both lived independently for years, and now we're already living together (I like to say we're living in sin, because the phrase seriously makes me laugh out loud).
What that translates to in registry terms, is that we already have the stuff we need to you know, live.  I mean, new towels would be nice, yes.  But we've got dishes and enough sheets and blankets to choke a goat.  So now it's a challenge I hadn't anticipated - finding enough stuff to want.  At the moment, the top of the list is a salad spinner and a cricut.  And Fiance wants to add in a "MakerBot," which is apparently a machine that will cut out tiny slices of plastic one at a time that can be stacked to make... well whatever you want.  So, you know, if you've got a few extra thousand dollars lying around and want to get us that... go for it.
What's the weirdest thing you put on your gift registry?

My phone is officially dead.

I don't have more to add to that, other than it's made me quite sad, and it had a lot of lovely pictures on it.  And now because I'm an idiot who can operate a washing machine I will never see those again.  Ugh.

I made... a thing.

There was a tutorial online, and it looked cool.  So naturally I was all "I could totally make that!"  And now I haven't any idea what kind of use it will come to.  Also cutting out 45 circles from a magazine by hand may or may not be a contributing factor to my "I'm going to put a cricut on the registry" decision.

Are you a crafty person?  
Ever have the "I could make that!" - "I made that!" - 
"I have no idea what to do with that!" type day?

Rain brought cold with it.
Not being a knowledgable exerciser, it also brought a lot of pain, because I didn't think to warm up first.  Go me.  I think I strained every muscle in my thighs, and this house is made of stairs.  You do the math - I'm debating whether I'll crawl up to the bathroom to take a shower today, or if I'm just going to live out the rest of my live in a blanket cocoon on the couch.  So far couch is winning.

The Axe Effect.
For the record, Fiance does not wear Axe spray, because... gross.  But gentlemen, the theory behind the axe effect has some merit (there are tons of articles online you can peruse, but the basic gist is, "you're loads more attractive to lady-types if you smell good.").  I guess what I'm saying is the stuff Fiance does wear, is quality stuff.  And I say that mostly because I thought his note from the other day turned out well, and I wanted to share without looking like I am a total creep.

Looking for bride advice... What kind of underwear do I need?
No really, someone tell me.  I am stuck between a sense of "well, I'll just get spanx and one of those horribly uncomfortable corset bra things and call it good."  and a sense of "well, I would like to actually feel comfortable and able to breathe on my wedding day but I don't know what equals."  Also, a bit of Bridget Jones is creeping in there. If you don't know what scene I'm talking about, that link isn't very good example, just watch the movie, you'll know what scene when you see it.

And because that's all very random, there isn't goign to be a random section time today.  But in the meantime, your Dreaded 29 Update is thusly: -6, 23 to go!

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Kate Y said...

As you may recall, we registered for camping equipment... and have never been camping as a couple. EVER!

And, as you might also recall, make sure you get neutrally colored underroos... not ones you can see through your dress and have to come up with an alternative at that last minute!