Monday, February 13, 2012

Custom KpQuePasa Valentines (some assembly required)

Well.  Happy St. Valentine's Eve folks.
You may have noticed Valentine's Day was coming by the rampant displays of hearts, pink things, red things, sale on lacy underthings, teddy bears that say "I LOVE YOU!" and mounds of chocolate in heart-shaped boxes.  

But if, for some reason, you find yourself today clicking on this little blog and saying "Oh crap I totally forgot!  Whatever shall I do to show my significant other/ good friend/ spouse/ child/ random associate that I harbor feelings of affection and/or possibly love for them?"

Well friends, never fear, Kp to the rescue.  I have put together a customizable, hand-drawn valentine JUST FOR YOU (because you're my favorite.  Shh, don't tell the others).  Here's what you're going to need:

1.  A glue stick
2.  Crayons/ colored pencils/ markers/ a pigment system of some kind
3.  Scissors
4.  A reliable printer that has black ink
(Or if your computer says OMFG VIRUS - try google docs HERE)

What you're clicking on is to download a high-res scan of these three pages:

Print those suckers off, then pick out how you'd like to customize hair and personal style on your little people (there are right-side hair styles and left-side hair styles, but the outfits can be used on either person)

WOOOOOO NAKED!  I left their torsos blank in case you are either a pervert, or you'd like to draw a little superhero costume on them for under their street clothes (I had that idea after I finished Fiance's example and was super bummed I missed my chance)

As you glue, FYI - hairstyles all line up with the person's ear

Color the selected outfit as you see fit.  I like to pretend I have a blue dress with hearts.  I don't.
Also, I put tabs on the shoulders of the clothes in case you want to have a fashion show 
with your people.  
If not, feel free to clip those off and just glue it down.

After that, write your personalized message on the little strip.  Make it mushy, why not.  
Make sure that you've snipped in on each bit with the people's hands, the lines on the strip,
 and the snips marked on the bottom of each people 
(PROTIP:  cut straight across the bottom from one foot to the next, 
do not cut out the space between the legs... i mean, no man wants a scissors that close to his nether regions.  Have some compassion)

Hands tab together, the slip of paper arcs around to fit in the bottom of each person.  (you may need to cut a slit in the bottom of an outfit if it goes all the way down)
It should stand on it's own.

The finished example - I ended up putting a piece of tape on the 
back of our hands, the weight of Fiance's beard made him tilt forward... which kinda made 
him look like he was trying to get fresh with me.  
I mean, if that's your thing, go for it.

And there you go!  Your loved one will think you have spent eons carefully crafting your and their likenesses into this small token of amore.  Or they'll see this blog post too and know you're scrambling last minute.  But either way, yay fun paper dolls!

If you try this out, I want to know! Hit me up in the comments!  Pictures are even better, but really I'd just be pleased to hear someone got a kick out of it.


Rikki said...

:-( It's telling me that I'm trying to download a virus. Which is pretty much what my computer always tells me when I'm supposed to be working and am doing something fun like this instead. Not that I have a significant other anyway.

You should have made pet versions. Because I am definitely giving my pets valentines and am in no way creative enough to make them myself.

Anywho, tried to have fun with them even if I couldn't.

Kp said...

Well that's a load of crap. Thanks for letting me know Rikki! I've uploaded the file on google docs now too... hopefully that will work? Here's the url:

That's also linked in the main post now too. Let me know if this works!

Kp said...

Also, pet valentines... hmm. Maybe that will be this week's APF. :)

Rikki said...

Success! Love them :-)

Jill said...

Probably one of my FAVORITE posts ever :)

Kp said...

Yay. Glad to spread some happiness. If you've put one together, you should snap a quick pic - I wanna see (also Rikki, Pet valentines are happening, I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since you suggested it.)

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

Um, your blog is awesome! Can you do arts and crafts like this for every holiday?

Kp said...

um... i can try! What's coming up next? Easter? Oh geeze. Okay well, I've got time to think on that. :)