Friday, February 24, 2012

Audience Participation Friday (5)

Avast Mateys!

This week we're setting sail on the seven seas (Fun fact:  there are WAY more than 7 bodies of water which could be termed seas.  But, you know, Pirates weren't the brightest and you can't blame them for liking the alliteration.), to loot and plunder brilliant new pirate-y names.

As usual for APF, here be yer rules:
  1. Go here.
  2. Discover your pirate name (or your kid's name, or your pet's name.  I don't care, have fun with it).  Try not to weep in joy at how perfectly this simple exercise embodies your personality and existence into one beautifully described buckineer.  
  3. Then, Go here, and hit 'Generate' JUST ONCE
  4. Post your pirate's full name and quote in the comments, and let me know if it's YOU or a kid or pet or whatever. 
  5. I'll read the comment, and create masterful pieces of art*
  6. You return to this post later and I will have added a portrait of the majestic pirate which represents the very essence of your soul.
  7. You have until Saturday at midnight central time to make the above 6 steps happen.
*Example of aforementioned Masterful pieces of art created by moi:
My pirate name - Pirate Misty the Pale!
(I know mine's super wussy for a pirate - 
though I am rather pale in real life, so not a bad description -  
but I tried a few other names, there's good ones in there.)

I care not for a ragged reef monkey.  Just be givin' me th' powder chest! 

Let the swash-bucklin' commence ye smarmy scalawags!

EDIT:  Here they come folks!

Cap'n Lucy Greenbeard

Cap'n Deb Leadfoot

Hobblin' Marcy Smythe

Plank-Monkey Abigail

Pear-Shaped Doris

Cap'n Mae Bloodsmear


Jamie said...

This is for ME: Cap'n Lucy Greenbeard: "May they always be slashin' an' knifin', me giant squid."

Sunny said...

You may call me Cap'n Deb Leadfoot. "Slash that cowardly dog lest I dance a jig on us. Begad!"

Begad might have to be my new cuss word around the 2 year old!

rcohan_1989 said...

Audience participation friday: making my week better than anything else.
My pirate name is Hobblin' Marcy Smythe: "Ye be riggin' on his swag like a malmsey-nosed monkey!"

Hehehehe I think the quote works even better than the name!

Sullykins said...

I love Audience participation!!!

My pirate name is Plank Monkey Abigail. "She be keelhaulin' like a whoreson goat shank."

Looking forward to seeing it!!

Rikki said...

Oh goodness. This is great.

Pear-Shaped Doris

My quote is: Only a lad can be swashbucklin' on the grog.

So excited to see how these turn out!

Karen said...

Friday is even better with audience participation.

Cap'n Mae Bloodsmear

T' gaff or not t' gaff: tis th' question.

Fiance said...

Cap'n Broderick Beerbong

Shiver me timbers! Why be they weighin' anchor' so cockeredly?