Friday, February 17, 2012

Audience Participation Friday (4)

Hi All-

Per a comment suggestion, we're doing APF a little differently today.
As you may have seen, Monday I offered a pdf download to create your own custom KpQuePasa valentines.

It was suggested that while these crafts were great (thanks!), they were specist - that is, they only acknowledged relationships between human and human.  I can't go having that kind of blatant discrimination on my blog.

If you have a special furry or feathered friend in your life, and you want to let them know through the art of paper-craft that they're purr-iffic (see what I did there?), then speak up!  Tell me in the comments and this week I will create creature add-ons for the original valentine.

And for those saying "wait, but Valentine's Day has already passed," I share with you two thoughts:

First, if your pets know the calendar event has come and gone already, they're smarter than my furry boys... and we're talking about a dog that can MOON WALK.  
If that thought makes me even more specist well... I guess we all have our hang-ups on just how open-minded we can be.

Second, in the wise words of my future mom-in-law:  It's always better to celebrate on a different day especially when it's not expected ... Unexpected is always better.  Not when Hallmark says to celebrate it.  

So here's the rules, ladies and germs:

1.  Before noon tomorrow (we have a party at the house that I have to clean AND "fake it" for, so I can't do normal time limits), send me a suggestion in the comments for a type of critter.  (up to 2 critters).
2.  CATS ARE ALREADY ON THE LIST.  Please don't suggest cats.
3.  These will not be colored sketches, they will be outlines for you to custom color to the likeness of your critter for download (hence audience participation).  So unless there is something wildly different about your cat from the cat I posted that is not color related (like if your cat is Paisley and missing a chunk of ear, or your breed of dog doesn't look like Mac), I won't be doing more than one of each type of critter.
4.  I will try my darndest to explain how to color in a tabby cat if you would like.
5.  I'm not restricting this to mammals - if you have a fish, a lizard, yeti, bird...etc that you want commemorated, go for it.
6. This is the most important part here folks:  If you suggest a critter - please come back later and actually make the little valentine, snap a photo and send it to me ( to post a collection here.  Or if you didn't do the actual suggesting, but used the template anyway, I still wanna see it you know?

What are you waiting for?  The sooner you hit "comment," the sooner your critter companion will know how much you cherish their friendship.

EDIT:  Here they come folks!
Please note that these are add-ons to the original valentine download found HERE.  Directions on how to put it together were posted in THIS BLOG POST.  That also means you'll need to download the people version linked above to get the third piece you write your message on.  

Please ALSO note that I set these up so they are completely interchangeable - your valentine can be between a human and cat, an elephant and a cat, or a sea monkey and an elephant and they should all work equally well.  I'm almost positive that is the weirdest sentence written on this blog thus far.  

  • Kitty, Elephant and Sea Monkey (really?) add-ons are available by clicking HERE.

Dont' forget to send a pic of your finished product to me at!


Jill said...


Fiance said...

Sea Monkey

Kp said...

Fiance, where are you hiding sea monkeys in this house? I feel like you're putting them in some mortal danger having them within Bubba's hunting territory. Also that would be hilarious to try and import sea monkeys back to the states: "But they're out petssss!"

Rikki said...

I love these! Thank you oh so very much. Next weekend I will play with these lovely Valentine's instead of laying in bed reading The Hunger Games series again...

Thank you, KP, for enriching my life in such wonderful ways :-)