Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stealing a Good Idea.

Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. - Pablo Picasso

Homeslice was telling the truth - where would new art come from if it didn't have the art from the past as a leaping off point?  Picasso actually has a lot of quotes attributed to him that hit just that idea, but that one's the most succinct, and you came here to read my words, not his, right?

Example: The world of Pinterest.
Do you have a Pinterest account?  Am I following your boards or vise-versa?  Pins pins pins pins pins Ugh Pinnnnnnterest.
as an example for you, I searched coffee on Pinterest. These are the resulting pins.  
And then because I have a problem, I repined the ring and the little talking 
coffee cup before I came back to continue blogging.

For those not in the know, Pinterest is like having a virtual cork board.  You go in and look at other people's cork boards, and if you see something pinned up on their board that you like, you can "re-pin" it to YOUR cork board, for later reference.

It's horribly addicting.  Case in point?  Our usual daily schedule is for the alarm to go off at 5:30AM.  I get up and let Mac out and feed him, then I bring coffee back up to the bedroom so Fiance can wake himself enough to shower and drive to work.  After coffee is delivered, I go BACK TO BED.  

Unless, of course, I decided to check my e-mail first.  Because you know all the most important, not spam e-mails, come in at 3AM.  Fun fact:  it's only ever spam.  Spam stating I can click a virus-riddled link to claim a free laptop, or some robot posing as a girl named ~***aShLi***~, spelled with an I, inviting me to check out such and such dating website.  I'm good thanks.  (Why am I typing all this out?  You have e-mails, you KNOW.)  

But once in a while I'll see an e-mail from Pinterest, letting me know that someone new has decided to follow my boards.  OoooooOoOooo.

Cue half an hour later when Fiance is leaving for work and I'm still lying in bed, but awake, scrolling through pins from the glow of my blackberry, and inevitably ruining my eyesight in the same manner as when you were little and your parents warned you against sitting so close to the TV screen.  It's horrible.  And wonderful.  Some might even go so far as to say that it's horriful.

This morning I saw a pin I liked during that early morning fog, and then I spent my "back to bed time" pondering it as I half-slept.  And in the tradition of Picasso, I have decided to steal a good idea and make it my own.

The pin in question?  A comic about trying to comfortably sleep in the same bed as a baby.  While I do not have this experience, I certainly have the experience of trying to fit in bed with a Mac-dog, a Bubba-cat, and Fiance.  And the comment my friend added at the bottom more or less compelled me to draw it all out (though I decided to focus on the time I get in bed after Fiance has left for work).

The Perfectly Proportioned.
This absolutely never happens.  But it's nice to think about.

 The Nocturnal Play-Date
my best guess is it's their form of "tag"  and I'm the safe-zone.

 The Elasti-Dog
He's a big dog, but he's never bigger than when he's "sharing" the bed.

 The Scene of the Crime
One day they will kill me by smothering me like this.  
And then they can have the whole bed to themselves.

The 5-Minutes Before the Alarm Goes Off
I hate waking up to kibble-breath.  

 The Mac is not allowed to sleep like this on the bed.  Ever.
Wake up once to a dog fart in your face and you'd make it a rule too.

Did I miss one?  Do your critters have the same moves?

You've seen other stuff I've pulled off of Pinterest on here before.  It's become a really great way to archive good ideas.  And sometimes it's a really good way to let good ideas simmer until I come up with a way to make them good-er.  (I love -sarcasm- how speaking Spanish has lead to a deterioration of my ability to speak English!  I actually forgot the word Avacado the other day.)
your Spanish lesson for today.  you're welcome.

For me, this is particularly true when it comes to the Etsy Monster.  Because as Picasso says, you can't just copy someone else's idea for profit, you have to make it your own.  I've been working with that principle in mind to restock the monster for it's impending re-opening.  And just as a teaser, I'm going to share a couple of good ideas I full-on stole.

The Pinned Idea:  small rice-filled shapes which, after a quick trip to the microwave, function as re-usable hand-warmers.
Awesome and totally up my alley in function, but I could do better than hearts.

The Good-er Idea:  re-useable hand-warmers shaped like pieces of toast.  I call them Tiny Toasty Toasts.  Get it?  Because they keep your hands TOASTY warm.  I am so amused by them I don't even care if no one else finds that as cheeky and wonderful as I do.  But really, who doesn't like toast?

The Pinned Idea:  Tiny hand-stitched plush owls.  I audibly went "ooh!" when I first saw this pin.  And then I thought about what I believed made them so damn cute.
  1. They are small
  2. They are multicolored
  3. They are very geometric
  4. They have hand-sticthing, which is very in right now according to my weekly newsletter from etsy.

But you can't see their backsides, which leaves some room for interpretation.  Also, I don't know about you, but I find a plushie that can reasonably stand on it's own is just better because then you can set them somewhere to just be cute.

The Good-er Idea:  (Mostly) hand-stitched little plush owls.  And on the back, their wings ARE A HEART.  You need to be excited about that bit with me, because when I was all "Look Fiance!  Their wings are a heart!"  He was all "ah, yep, that's cute."  I have many more of these to make, as I have a lot more fleece to work with.  I believe, as I've made it all the way to page 100 in Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal, that the next one might have to be a little white one ala Hedwig.

So what have we learned here today kids?  The spanish word for Avacado, that stealing is okay, owls are always adorable, and that pinterest will steal your soul.  All in a days work.

Random Section Time!
  1. Along with the pinterest notice, I also got an e-mail this morning about my 10 year high-school reunion.  No real thoughts on the reunion itself other than "crap I'm like, super old."
  2. Had the brain-fart the other day that I'd like to make some downloadable content.  Namely, free desktop images.  Is this something you'd be interested in?  Any subject matter that would make you even more interested in it?
  3. I've made a whole hot 9 cents off of blog advertisements already.  You know what that means?  Someone was looking for Hot Mexican Girls to date, and I totally hooked them up.  Booyah.

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