Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some things to seriously ponder.

Ha. That's a lie. Nothing here is serious today. And actually, I don't even have a topic. I just have silly links for you to check out. Because who couldn't use a little break from productivity?

1. If'n you're upset that there is not more to actually READ here, I suggest reading the first chapter of this book, available through Amazon's "Look Inside!" feature. I kind of want this book even though I am lacking children whom I hate.

2. In my last post, I asked for suggestions to name the Explorer. It since become unbelievably clear to me that there are no suggestions needed. The explorer's name is be revealed...

3. ...ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE! That's right folks, now you can follow - and get news feed info on when I post new blogs, when I update the etsy (or you know, when I reopen it), coupon codes, and other random stuff I feel like posting. Click below to check it out.
(also because I'm new to the book of faces and it's use as a marketing tool...
if that link doesn't work, this one should)

4. When I worked at the College, there was a beer pong table that seemed to never die. It was a British Flag theme. I think I responded to 3 separate incidents in just my first year where people were using this specific table to play pong with alcoholic beverages (also those people were underage at the time, hence my need to respond and dish out "justice").

Each incident was in a different place. I even saw it on a few occasions when it was NOT being used, it just was somewhere by myself. (Was it haunting me?!) And I never understood it's existence; if you are an underage college student, please believe college administrators or RAs are not stupid enough to think you are actually playing "water pong." You're using it for beer, and eventually we're going to catch you doing just that. Because when you're drunk you make poor decisions. Like playing in the hallway. Or screaming "CHUG!" at the top of your lungs. And for cripes sake, that's what OFF-campus housing is for.

I'll step off my soap box, though. Here's my actual beef with the British Flag table: The table was ugly. So if somehow the current owner of that stupid table is reading, may I suggest something more interesting to break the law and college policy with? At least it would be a more interesting conversation with the RAs as you're handing over your student ID for the report.

5. I am a "super hero" nerd. Which is something I don't publicly share all that often, because as I learned from putting that on my online dating profile a few years back... that kind of info will bring out the creepers. But I couldn't help but share so that it made sense for me to link this article about Batman villains that would have been ridiculous/ awesomely hilarious in the next "Dark Knight" movie. Because Bane? Not my fave. Related note, I understand that Heath Ledger having passed since his casting as the Joker makes this less doable, but I really really wish someone would bring Harley Quinzel into a movie. Because she is the bomb-diggity.

And that's it for today folks! Hope to see you over on Facebook!

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