Monday, January 23, 2012

Rubbing It In.

I hear that winter has finally arrived in the U.S. over the past week.

I can't say I miss the unending, bleak outlook that winter tends to drag out, way up north.  But I do miss the fun in the first snow of the year:

The way it's all crisp, the way it smells so fresh, the way it makes everything look clean.  The small happiness that bursts in your head as you make the first fresh tracks in a plot of snow.  Or the joy of your big lummox of a dog barreling with absolute abandon through that same untouched space, with his head down low and his mouth open so he can eat snow while running.  And his elated, yet ridiculous, snow covered face when he comes back to you, tail wagging 100 miles an hour, wearing his wussy little jacket because he gets too cold, too easily.

About a week in, it gets old, and you're ready for it to melt.  Particularly if you didn't even get a measly snow-day out of the deal.

Over the past week here in Mexico... we turned the A/C back on.
I'd say I'm sorry for rubbing it in, but that would be a lie.

We celebrated the warm spell with a fantastic weekend.  Including my second-ever game of poker.  I'd say I did pretty well for myself.  I'd also say that this is likely because the friends we played with were, for the most part, fairly new to poker as well... but I don't want to discredit my mad poker skills.  So pretend I didn't just say that.

I mean, lookit all those chips!  Those are MINE.  And the black ones are worth 20.  Clearly I'm awesome.
money money money money.... Mooooooney!

Poker is quickly becoming fun to me, but yesterday it was simply too nice to stay inside.  And so, while you were probably either digging your car out of a drift, or bundling your little ones up so they had limited arm mobility, but were insulated enough to make a snow fort...

We went to the park.

The bright, sunny, lush green park.  I wore a tank top.

 We had a blast.  If there is one thing I can say about the big city we live in, it is that they see a lot of value in preserving green spaces for the people.  Monterrey is filled with parks - at least one every other block - with well-groomed lawns and clear pathways for pedestrians, cyclists, or skaters.  Many not only host jungle gyms for children, but also outdoor equipment for adults to use for their workouts - all free of charge.

Now, this preservation requires some help on the part of the people using those spaces too:
 And it's a good thing I saw that sign, because when I asked 
Fiance to take that picture above of me next to a palm tree...
...what a good dog.
We bopped around for quite a while.  We were goofy, and it was awesome. 

Mac had a good time too, obviously.  He doesn't really enjoy neighborhood walks because we're on the side of a mountain,and there are no streets that go sideways, there are only streets that go UP the mountain, and streets that go DOWN the mountain.  Being my dog, Mac is about as lazy as I am, so inclines are just not his style.  Thus, he was elated to hop out of the car when we got to the park where  the terrain was mostly flat.  

Our pup was super funny to have along for the walk, because he is so clearly NOT a Mexican pet.  If you have a dog that you take for walks here, it is a teeny purse-sized dog, and you walk it more for the idea of showing off your tiny luxury dog than anything else.  If you have a big dog, it lives in your garage/ yard, and it protects things, and you don't really see it as a pet, but more for the utility of protecting your stuff.  

And in either of those situations, you don't have a mutt.  You have a pure-bred puppy with papers, kept to breed standards.  So Mac, a giant dog who looks kinda like a doberman lacking cropped ears and docked tail, walking along with people in a public park got a lot of stares.  A lot.  Somewhere he's caught on the 35mm film of every student in a beginning photography class we passed.  

for your reference: what Mac is "supposed" to look like.

After the camera barrage, he saw his first skateboard gang. He was flummoxed to say the least.
(the very last skater in the gang is in the top right corner of the photo there...)
And before we left the park we even got some time in for Mac's favorite past-time:  Hunting things that can clearly see you, but pretending they totally can't see you.  The day's subject:  Mexican Pigeons.

That's a happy pup folks.  Can't wait to bring him to the park again.
Feel free to live vicariously through our sunny Sunday.  If for no other reason than I don't feel quite as mean talking about our wonderfully winter-free weather when it's taken in that context instead of "ooh lookit how much better everything here is than in your silly snow-pocalypse."

Random Section Time!

1.  We watched The Immortals last night.  Have you seen it?  I really like movies about Greek Mythology, because really the Greeks had honed the way to turn out a good story to perfection.  But The Immortals?  UGHHHHH.  (that clip is an example of the totally unnecessary violence - though this one scene is much more artistically done than the whole rest of the movie's gore.)

It just, it just pissed me off.  Why is it so violent?  And when did I become the prude who thinks there is way too much unneeded violence in movies these days? I would guess somewhere between The Expendables and The Immortals. Jeeze, why are we showing that part where you claw out a dude's eye? that is not artistic nor expanding the plot, and I can't even watch it. Seriously.  It ruined everything for me.  So there's that - Immortals.  Boo.

2.  The Dreaded 29 Update:  We're still at -4, 25 to go.  I blame my inability to remember to weigh myself until after I ate breakfast this morning, but still.  0 change is a bit of a bummer.  Here's hoping it shall motivate me to be better about not having the giant bubble tea.  Maybe just the little bubble tea.  Or probably no bubble tea is the better way to go honestly.

3.  Sometimes I watch movies during the day not so much to watch them, but to have noise keep me company in the background.  Today's selection is Can't Hardly Wait.  If you haven't seen it, you need to go rent it/ buy it right the hell now.  Not because it's a good film, just because you will have fun.  

Better than The Immortals anyway.

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