Monday, January 09, 2012

I... am not what you'd call a morning person.

Are there people out there who truly ARE morning people? I suppose that I can fake it, for a good reason, but it requires a lot of coffee. And I'd like to pretend that the above comic is exaggerated, but... I'm pretty sure Fiance would call me out in the comments pretty immediately. So there you go. That's real life up there. A reenactment of pretty much every weekend before 10AM.

Are you one of these legendary "Morning People?"
If not, how do you get your day started?

But as I said, coffee tends to be the great mediator between my hatred for mornings and my desire to participate in morning-time things. We're talking two or three cups minimum. Or pots. I have a pretty big cup, so almost the same thing really. I need gratuitous amounts of energy in the mornings.

This is important to note because last week, coffee pot tragedy struck.
Again, I wish I could say this was an exaggeration.

I broke the news to Fiance as gently as I could, and his reaction wasn't quite what I expected:
"huh. welp, guess we'll have to get a new pot when we go grocery shopping this weekend."

Excuse me, WEEKEND?! As in multiple days from this moment where I am informing you of the most ultimate horror that could possibly happen to this household?

But I could tell by the look he was giving me that my labored breathing, sweaty palms, and imminent emotional breakdown over this misfortune were less then normal behavioral responses to the situation at hand, so I tried to play it cool and agreed to trying to tough it out until Saturday sans my delightful caffeinated morning beverage.

I made it to about 9:30 the next morning. Whence I frantically googled "how to make coffee without a pot." Actually, I'm pretty sure my cloudy thinking googled "how to make cofe withoutt a poot." But in the end I managed to put some grounds in a regular stove-pot as per google's instructions and created "campfire coffee." Aka coffee for heathens.

But it kinda worked. I guess. Man, listen to me whine about coffee. First world problems, right here.

Long story short, Fiance returned home from work that night to me begging him to take me to Walmart. And at Walmart, we met Hammy. And I fell in love. Hammy is a Hamilton Beach Brew Station. I named him Hammy because anthropomorphizing my appliances is how I roll.

The point is you should get one. This is not a paid message, but it is TOTALLY a product endorsement. Here's why it's awesome:
  • The "pot" is plastic, so I can't break it. Again.
  • It keeps your coffee hot for FOUR hours, not just two. So when Fiance gets his 5:30AM coffee, that same pot can start my day off piping hot at 9:30AM. Before I make pot number 2 anyway.
  • It has a nifty little gage at the side to let you know just how many more times you can fill your cup before you have to make more coffee.
*I honestly had to stop writing right here and make another pot of coffee. At 6PM. Because typing about coffee made me want coffee. This is when I should start taking about a dependency, but... yeah no. I can stop any time I want. Except right now.*
  • It has a spiffy little indicator that tells me when it is the optimum time to clean the plastic pieces, so that I may have the optimum pot of coffee.
  • It's a dispenser instead of a "pot". So I stick my cup under the spout and push, and just like the magical machines at McDonalds that give you coca cola, I get coffee.

And thus, we return to our regular programming:

The bear slippers are still so incredibly awesome.

Random Section Time

1. The Dreaded 29 Update: -1, 28 to go. I'm going to have to make a blog post solely dedicated to my attempt to diet here. Because Mexico is just not a place you should be when you want to loose weight.

2. I started sewing and creating pretty feverishly last week. I'll give you a sneak peek, but to see the finished product(s), you'll have to wait for when I reopen the esty monster. Aiming for the end of the month!

3. To that same effect, I really wanted to make a mobile this past week. And I had all the appropriate pieces here except... wire hangers. Which are kind of the central staple. In a mommy dearest moment I threw all of ours out. Kicking myself now. Bah. No worries, I'll find some.


Heather said...

I am so looking forward to the Etsy monster! Also, we shoul dhave a race to lose 29 pounds, as you live in Mexico and I work in food service, we should be pretty evenly matched. Game?

Kp said...

Ahhh. I totally had to think on this. Is it too much pressure to race someone? Will it doom me to fail? Or will it keep me even more accountable for "good lord stop eating that taco!"?

You know what? Yes. Game. I'm a pound ahead though. Is that going to be a problem or shall we just consider it a head start?