Monday, December 19, 2011

Opposites Attract

We've got plane tickets to the states. Who's excited and has two thumbs?

This girl. Who should probably have taken a second to brush her hair. Sheesh.

It has come to my attention, that every time we (meaning Fiance and I) have a BIG THING (like plane tickets) which needs to happen, we become the cliche of opposites attract. And every time I think it, I always have this flashback to one of my classes in grad school, where we were talking about people with addictions.

The basic gist of the discussion was that it is typical for a person who has chosen to go to rehab and battle an addiction to do well while in a safe environment, but that when they re-enter society, it becomes hard for them to continue "on the wagon" because, as my professor put it:

"People that are healthy mentally are always drawn to their natural opposite for a relationship, in a way to complete their self. Those who are unwell seek comfort in what they already know, and thus, are attracted to people who are very similar [others with addictions]."

So when those days come that we need to tackle a BIG THING, and I want to rip my hair out over it, I take comfort in the fact that we are clearly VERY HEALTHY PEOPLE.

I kid, but really.

Typically, when I have a BIG THING that needs to get done, it will pick at me until I do it. So I do it early and check it off the list, then go back to my cup of coffee, stress-free.

Fiance, works pretty well under pressure, and thus sees a deadline for a BIG THING as something in the future, that he'll get to eventually. He drinks his coffee before he bothers with the THING.

Neither approach is particularly good or bad, they are just different (Let's be real, you know I'm typing that sentence thinking that my way is way better. But I need to give Fiance credit in that he does get BIG THINGS done, it's just a different timeline.). Unfortunately, the opposite part lends itself to setting me up for being either a really big nag, or a nutcase. Neither of which particularly look good on me (or anyone really, come on now).

While I don't revel in sharing my "dark side," it's worth being honest about it. I loathe, with every fiber of my being, the idea of being a nag, so I avoid it as much as I can. Generally that means the only thing left is being a nutcase. I can always feel it coming, and it makes me so upset knowing I'm about to go off my hinges, it literally makes me more of a nutcase.

Yeah. So that's great. Color me proud.

The BIG THING from this past weekend was, again, booking the plane tickets for our Christmas trip home. And once it was done and I'd showed off all kinds of ugly about it, I set out to wrap all of our Christmas presents in order to calm down in my own little OCD happy place. We have a lot of presents, so that ended up being a pretty good chunk of time.

Is there something for YOU in there?
Cripes, probably - I think I've wrapped at least half of Monterrey at this point.

On the up-side of the BIG THING OPPOSING FORCES HYPOTHESIS (we've been watching a lot of Big Bang here), I'm not the only one who recognizes we work a little differently. Fiance gets it, and if I can be super gushy for a second, it's part of what makes me so happy to know I'm totally gonna marry this dude. As you may know, I make him a note - a doodle - each day to take to work. Today, I got a note of my own.

(in case it's a little hard to read, L-R, Top to Bottom:)
  1. Hi Kp! This is my first comic. Bare with me.
  2. This is your Fiance _____ (name withheld to protect the innocent! ha). He is not a skilled artist.
  3. I noticed you looked happy and content while wrapping presents: [pretty girl]
  4. I was a bit ADD & Cold "what's ya doing?"
  5. ...sometimes I know it is difficult to be with me when I'm bouncing off the wall and all you'd like is some peace and quiet, peace and shhh...
  6. You just showed up & smell pretty. (I had just gotten out of the shower. Apparently I can recommend Suave's Almond and Honey body soap.)
  7. Anyway I just wanted to pass to you a message and thought a comic was a good idea. "Hi" "Hi"
  8. Dear love, I know travel and not having a plan will/does stress you out. I promise it will work out. I love you!
  9. Moving here was stressful, but we made it.
  10. Getting the dog here was stressful, but he made it. [Tail of doom] "woof. yeah, I told ya."
  11. Going home for the holidays will be stressful, but it will work out. [candy cane] [tequila]
  12. I know if things change, it will be stressful. But it will work out. Just keep one thing in mind: I love you. [heart] 4-EVER.

To that effect, we're flying back to the states this week - spending some time in the midwest, and then coming back to Mexico before the New Year. There's a lot to do and a lot of people to see in that short time, so FYI - blogging's going to be a bit sparse [or non-existent] in the next week or so. Perhaps you should take this opportunity to go out and see the world, make a friend, or just read the entire archive a few times. I'll leave that up to you.

1. Even if you're not a real big drinker, you have to admit beer companies have some awesome marketing strategies. Case in point: Fiance and I went out to eat the other night, and our waiter gave us this hilarious Corona... santa headband? Honestly I think it makes him look like Albert Einstein. Which I think was a comment the nerd in him was totally geeked about.

2. Out of curiosity, I took Yahoo!'s "which presidential candidate fits you best" quiz. My family/ fiance will continue to be disappointed that I am still pretty steadily in Barry's camp, but I thought we all might unite in a chuckle about an oversight in the caricature chosen to represent him:

3. As of the exact second that I write this, all four of my attendants for the wedding have rather enthusiastically accepted. In hindsight, this makes my worried-whining from an earlier post seem trivial, but whatever it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to. In any case, immensely excited is not a strong enough phrase, and I'm really happy to get this time with my best friends.

4. Fiance and I attend a weekly, formal Spanish lesson here. Last week, our teacher schooled us on traditional Christmas Piñatas, and the symbolism behind them. As a former art major, I was fascinated. Did you know that the piñatas were originally stolen from a tradition of the indigenous peoples, and repurposed to incorporate Christianity (okay that's maybe not a big secret)? Specifically, the traditional Mexican piñata has 7 points, and each one is meant to represent one of the 7 deadly sins (FYI: the 7 deadly sins and their symbolism in art has always greatly fascinated me). Breaking the piñata is seen as overcoming your sins. Cool, huh? Unfortunately, it means that the tiny 5 pointed piñatas I purchased as keepsakes a few weeks back are totally un-canon. Or that they decided gluttony and lust are no longer big deals. Waiting on a final ruling from the Vatican for that one.

5. Last week saw a small "heat wave," or at least a few days when I was pretty comfortable in the house with a sweatshirt and a good pair of socks. I knew this streak of pleasant days was over when the dog not only snuggled under the covers this morning, but also curled himself in a ball around the heating pad.

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Jill said...

Um.. that comic might be the sweetest thing EVER. Yes, ever ever. Well done future huuuusssbbbbaaannnddd!!! Well done sir.