Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Joke That Will NEVER Go Extinct.

Holy crap, it looks different!
Did you notice? There's got to be some people out there that care about typefaces and color schemes as much as I do, right?

Well, either way, you're in the right place. Still Kp, still in Mexico, typing out the innate details of my day in a way that I hope makes you laugh so hard you almost pee.

I'm babbling. I like things to MATCH. It's a branding thing. There are three different webspaces that I occupy with the KpQuePasa name-brand (home page, blog, and etsy monster), and all the web services I'm using for this are free - since this is a hobby not a living, so it really comes down to the amount of template editing each space allows you to do/ how much their content uploading systems MESS WITH THE COLORS YOU SO PAIN-STAIKINGLY PICKED OUT AND COORDINATED BETWEEN THE THREE. Not bitter. Anyway, we've got some 'befores:"

home page and blog - I was never about to get the greens to match and it made me want to throw things.

And now: well, I'm not going to paste a picture of the page you're currently ON, so you know, just LOOK at it. And my homepage is decently close. I know, the browns are kind of off from one another. But that's after 6 tries with that danged template, so that's as good as it gets right now. In any case, I'm digging my headers.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

Also - if you're reading this from a page that is still mostly green, please take a moment to hit refresh button for your browser.

Moving on to the actual blog for today, let's talk about this aforementioned joke in the title there. I'll try to give you the condensed version of this whole spiel.

Many moons (as in, 6 months or so) ago, I was working at the College. Part of my job involved running the recruitment of new Resident Assistants. Each year for recruitment we needed a new theme. Typically, it's some play on words that's supposed to inspire leadership and responsibility within the student body.

Last year, I decided that I really like dinosaurs (not the show, the actual animals. But cripes, do you remember that show? That was awesome... also baby was the same voice as ELMO? Actually that makes sesnse). Enough that I put together a list of ridiculous plays on EVOLVING in your leadership skills and pitched it to my team. Cheesy-pitch was approved, and the very first thing I did was purchase a 4 ft tall inflatable t-rex dinosaur (get your own here!). As soon as it arrived, my boss promptly named it: Rrrrrralph. (You have to say it with a bit of a grr in your voice. He is a dinosaur after all.)

I'm pretty sure that, even though the students got a kick out of him (some, in their adoration, renamed him Chomper), I think everyone in the office was well aware that he was more or less something to amuse US, the lowly College Administration. And let me tell you, with the minimal amount of oxygen left in your body after using your lung power to inflate a 4 foot tall inflatable ANYTHING, pretty much everything is amusing. So that made Rrralph all the better.

Fast forward a few months, and one of my coworkers bid her farewell to the College*. And because we knew the University where D was headed... we decided to make sure she had someone to keep her company on her first day (fact: everybody knows everybody else in College Administration, so it wasn't too tough to contact her new coworkers and set that up). That's right, we sent Rrralph to greet her as she walked into her office.

Then, as we're all aware here, I bid my own farewell to the College, and we picked up and moved all the way to Mexico. And yesterday... I got a package.

I try, when I get mail here from the states, NOT to read the customs form. Because I kind of want to be surprised when I open the box. But I knew that D had planned to send me wedding magazines to look at, and the box those magazines came in was too big for a few measly mags. So I peeked while the post-man was verifying my ID to release the package to me. Then I bust out laughing, mad-scientist maniacal-style, in the middle of the street.

Rrralph, it would seem, had come to visit. I can only imagine what the customs agents thought when they read that descriptor. (blurry because I was actually laughing too hard to hold the camera still)

this is the pre-shipping pic that D just shared with me. He looked much the same when I opened the box.

Cue 5 hours later, and only almost passing out from lack of oxygen once, and Rrralph once again stands proud! Right at the front door! And while it's not as hilarious a reaction as I dreamed up in my head, we gave Fiance a fine welcome home last night.

I'd like to think it's obvious why I sound out of breath in this video, but just in case you missed the memo: Rrralph is very large, inflatable, and currently in a house that does not own an air pump.

I can't even tell you the kind of great mood that a 4ft inflatable dinosaur can put you and your significant other into for an entire night - I suggest you try it. We pretty much spent the night giggling (or in Fiance's case, manly gaffawing) at just about everything. Including this random picture from a friend's facebook:

Which lead to this random note for Fiance to take to work today:

Now I just have to wait until D gets married next year. I know what someone's getting for a wedding present.

Speaking of gifts - Thanks for all your help with the last post! I've started the sketches, and I think they're coming along pretty well so far, don't you think Crookshanks?

Now as you know, I have to leap into whatever other random crap is on my mind for the last few paragraphs. I'm sick of trying to figure out a smooth way for that to happen, so let's just call it a regular segment. Maybe with a fun name.

What should I call said segment about random crap? I'm taking suggestions.

1. In between sketches, we had a moment where ALL FOUR OF US WERE ON THE COUCH. This never happens. We commemorated with a photo with poor lighting techniques.

2. Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone- have you found your pickle ornament yet?

I did.

*I find it important to note, just for clarity sake- both D and I held jobs at the College that were not considered careers one would forever hold - we both knew this going in, and left on great terms with our colleagues - of our own volition - to pursue other callings. My calling was apparently informing the world of my self-depreciating stories once a week or so. I'm cool with that.


Jamie said...

Crooks things you're making great progress... you've captured that "sitting pretty" thing she does very well. :)

AJ said...

I too am digging the headers! I think the background on your homepage is my favorite though - really nicely done.

Dana said...

Kristin- This is your best post yet! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I miss you so much!!! Dana

Kp said...

Oh dang boss lady I didn't know you were a reader! Horrah! I'm glad you got a kick out of it, and I miss you too. Say hi to Stu Dev for me!