Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Garfield Kind of Cat

Orange tabbies are wicked common in popular media. Think about it:
...honestly, there's a ton more but I'm wasting too much of my day looking up links for each of those. (That, and now I'm too busy singing along to Billy Joel as a terrier mix on repeat.)

If you've ever shared a space with an orange tabby, I think you can probably agree with me that the reason all these famous kitties are orange - there's something about an orange tabby that is 100% personality. Maybe the bright crayola-crayon coloring messes with the usual aloof, "I hate the world" DNA that most cats have going on, but just like the tabbies listed above, every one of the orange gatos I've ever interacted with not only qualify as serious people-cats, but they are playful and... well I guess the best descriptor is savvy.

Bubba definitely fills this profile, and has yet to meet a person here in Mexico which - even if they're not a cat person - he hasn't won over. I mean, look at that little mug.

Weighing in at 11lbs, Bubba is what any U.S. veterinarian would refer to as a 5. Which is, for the record, the ideal rating on the 1-10 body condition system. I know this, because the last time he saw an American vet, she told me he is a 5. Not that it matters, because next to any Mexican cat, there is only one comparison Bubba ever elicits from our Mexican friends:

He looks like Garfield.
(I must take this second to state that the only good permutation of Garfield in a movie or TV was the original Garfield and Friends animated show. If you need to be told that every other version sucks... well really the only person who could possibly argue that side would be Bill Murray as he swims in his pile of Garfield voice-acting money.)

Yes Garfield: The quintessential orange tabby. But also... you know, the fattest orange tabby. I guess it's not like he knows the difference, but I always feel like they're telling Bub some version of "you should be shopping in the husky section, little boy," as they coo at him while he purrs on the couch. Giving him a little kitty complex, you know?

(just in case you've never heard of Garfield minus Garfield, it's the hilarious and horribly depressing look into the life of Jon Arbuckle.)

Every time Bub's "Garfield" comparison comes up, it's always in two parts. The first:
"Oh, he's so cute, he looks like Garfield!"
and the second:
"Jajaja*, does he like lasagna?"

We certainly don't make lasagna for our cat, but let's be real - if we had some available, he wouldn't be above begging for a taste. It has meat in it after all. In any case, a few weeks back, Fiance and I paused when part two of the comparison came up again, and one of us had the insight to ask if our Mexican friends had ever eaten lasagna themselves. It maybe shouldn't have surprised us as much as it did when the answer came up as no. And it didn't take long to decide, Fiance being half Italian and all, that we should probably be the people to reconcile that.

C&Y were super excited. Or at least C was. He asked that we not just have them over for dinner, but have them over for the cooking part too - because he wanted to learn how to make it.

They were absolutely mesmerized/ possibly disgusted by how much cheese goes into a good lasagna.

It took a bit to put together (because neither Fiance or I have any idea how to gauge just how hot our 4-setting gas-oven is at any given moment.), but everyone seemed to really enjoy it - including E and his fiancee, who joined us just as we were sitting down to eat. E's fiancee is so ridiculously in love with Bubba, it's a wonder she didn't sneak him an entire slice of lasagna under the table.
And after a game a of post-dinner Rummy, we realized it must be getting late if Mac couldn't stay awake to beg for cookies. Thus was lasagna night.

Bring on the random section.

1. Since my previous post, we've procured a small space heater and a heating pad. The space heater is fantastic, and I haven't moved from outside it's 5ft radius in the last few days. It doesn't really help with the "good lord all the toilet seats are as cold as the iceberg that took out Titanic" issue, but I can deal with that. I suppose. As far as the heating pad... well I'm sure it's awesome as well, but I haven't been able to really test that out, since someone else found it the second I left the couch. Note the return of his "if I don't move she'll think I'm sleeping and won't make me move" face... even though this eyes are, yet again, open.

2. Meanwhile everyone's favorite Garfield stunt double has been filling his time inspecting boxes of cookies from the US (thanks K!),
and approving of my latest movie choices (as I was writing this post I totally caved and hooked up the VCR so I could watch all of Cats Don't Dance instead of just the youtube clip I included earlier. It is ridiculous how much I love that cartoon).

He's also made a new friend based on his Texan blood, following a "the bigger the better" mantra. Much to Mac's "I'm super not sure about this inflatable dinosaur" themed dismay.

He just wants to plaaaaaaaaaay.

And lastly, of course, Bub's been perfecting his lazer eyes. So that's been fun.

3. HOLY CRAP WE HAVE A WEDDING DATE. As soon as there is a contract 100% nailed down I will share. Meanwhile, I shall begin work on the save the dates right.... NOW. Stay tuned for that!

4. Mac just walked up to me with cilantro breath. So I guess instead of writing any more in this post, I'm going to GO MOVE WHAT'S LEFT OF MY INDOOR GARDEN.

*jajaja - because the J in Spanish is pronounced like the English H, this is truly the way that Mexicans type a laugh. Like on facebook chat.

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