Monday, November 07, 2011

Our Princess is in Another Castle.

Ha. Lies. I'm right here. Hi.

Welcome back to another very exciting installment of my life. Fun fact: it took me so long to write about my and Fiance's halloween costumes because like absolute fools... we didn't take a single picture of ourselves in them: I was waiting on our friend to send us her photos.

I'll spare you the long descriptions of how the costumes came to be - you saw the Mario hat tutorial already. My dress, while I found it hard to make, was from an actual pattern, so no big thing there (though I DID dye it the right color of pink by hand, and constructed the crown and jewelry using craft foam and lots of patience. So that's pretty cool).

So, the finished products -Tah Dah!:

I wish we'd thought to get a whole family-in-costume-picture, but by the time this was taken, "Bowser" had tried to give our VERY adorable, but also very squeal-y Tiny Jack Sparrow friend (we'll call her Little Dudette. She's pretty awesome. We're going to her birthday party in a week or so) a high five with claws. Mac's Luigi hat is in the background there, but he refused to wear it for the picture because he wanted to keep his eye on the itsy pirate; the hat didn't help him there. Keep his eye on her, because she gave him SO MANY COOKIES. He didn't want to miss a second of that.

So there you go. Try not to burn your retinas at our blinding adorableness/ awesomeness. Ha.

As previously mentioned, we found out more or less at the party that it's just not a thing for Mexican adults to dress up for Halloween. We thought throwing a costume party might change that, but we ended up being the only ones in character, besides of course, Little Dudette, her parents (which was acceptable because they have a kid), and Little Dude, who showed up later in all his Dracula glory.

Our party itself went fine and dandy. We had a lot of food left over, but everyone seemed to have a good time, and no one was as terrified of Mac as I thought they were going to be. It is a common myth in Mexico, that Dobermans are viciously loyal and great dogs until nightfall, whereupon they loose their sense of smell in the dark (I'm not making this up, people truly believe this), and are apt to turn on their masters, because they no longer recognize their smell, and maul them to death. Thankfully Mac is just too much of a big lug to perpetuate this line of thought, and so mostly he just had people high-fiving him and asking him to moonwalk until 1AM.

And then he slept on the couch. For a very long time.

This was also our house- warming party, so there was a lot of marching around giving tours. We're kinda proud of this place; it's a much bigger house than either of us expected, and it's got some perks that we, at this stage in our lives, would normally not be able to afford (remember this TUB? 'Cause it's awesome). Which brings us to a cultural gap that's been driving me bonkers for a good long time:

I've come to the realization, that coming from the states, I have a bit of cynicism built into the way I interpret conversation. Because, in the US, if someone walked into your home, and while they were in your home, looking at your home at that exact second, and said "Wow. You need a maid." You would effectively interpret that as "Your house is filthy and you are clearly incapable of cleaning it." And if you were in the states when that happened, you would probably have interpreted that 100% correctly.

In Mexico, there is a line in wealth - if you fall above it, you are more or less expected to have a maid. So when people say "Wow. You need a maid." here, it should, from my understanding, be interpreted as "Your house is so large and wealthy looking. You should be proud." Sincerely it's meant as a compliment. But EVERY. Single. Person. Who came to our house that night said it to me. And even knowing that they mean it with good intentions, I still wanted to sock them in the gut.

Interpreting that statement as an American, I was hurt. I don't have a legit job here in Mexico, so I take a lot of pride in the fact that while Fiance is at work, I put in a full work day of my own; I might be in my PJs until 3PM, but almost all of that time I'm accessorizing my slippers with a mop, a broom, a sponge, a spatula, or a bottle of windex. I put in a lot of time keeping this place up, because it makes me feel like I have a contributing purpose to being here without a paycheck to my name.

Instead of being grumbly to our guests, I made a mental note to share my thoughts on the matter here, because it would make me feel better. And wouldn't you know, it did. :)

So for now, it's back to my little castle on the mountain. More specifically... it might be time for a bubble bath.
Mac has already gone to bed. Goodnight Pup.

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