Wednesday, October 12, 2011


we move into the house tomorrow. blog is the last thing on my mind right now, you understand.

But friends, we're well, and starting next week I can actually be artsy-craftsy (I've been pining for my sewing machine to arrive), so keep your eyes peeled!

Soon to be breached blog topics:
  • THE WEDDING (like you didn't see that coming)
  • Bubba's new Mexican name
  • Halloween (see sewing machine comment above)
  • Mac's Mexican Mayhem
  • and probably some of me whining about how I haven't been able to find sun-block floor-length curtains for the bedroom yet. Because I am a pretty-pretty princess (joking) and I must sleep in eternal DAHK-NESS (only one person will get this joke and I don't even know if she reads this. So that's fun.) Just keeping it real you know.
In the meantime, use that "comment" link below - let me know you're reading so I'll be sure to be timely about writing a new post early next week!

To sign off, I leave you with this song, which is super addicting (there's an english version too if you're so inclined, thank you Shakira) and you better believe the better part of this week all I've wanted to do is run up to people and go "Ra-Ta-Ta!"



Bear said...

Yep, I read it :)
Miss you and glad to hear the move is going so well!

Kate Y said...

I'm reading too! :)

Heather said...

KP! Por favor, escribe mas!

Just Me said...

Sweet Georgia Brown! I'm excited for a KP blog!

Kp said...

I escribo'd Heather!

Yay readers. thanks y'all. Missing all of you tons, but glad you're coming along for the ride in spirit. :)