Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hauntingly Awesome Tutorials/ Costumes

(I know, puns. Sorry.)

Our family is finally all together again in one place, and settled in. And Halloween is a few mere days away! I still have pumpkins to carve, but I figured since costumes are wrapping up, I'd stop in and show y'all how it's going.

I'll post about Mario and Peach costumes after our party Saturday - don't want t spoil the awesomeness for anyone, but I'm pleased with how they're coming along. Let's use the Bowser and Luigi costumes as a teaser for the event, eh?

First up, Bowser Bubba. I've already talked a little bit about how this was coming along, but now that its finished I'm seriously tickled with how adorable it turned out.

When I was in college (oh God I miss college), a very wise prof of mine said that the hardest part of being a good artist is to know when to STOP and call a piece finished. The Bowser costume is a pretty good example actually. For reference, in case you've lived under a rock for the last 20 years... or you're my parents (hey there!), this is what we're aiming for:
Bowser, King Bad-Guy, King of the Castle, and All-around King of being Jealous that Peach's attention is being spent entirely on a duo of plumbers. Minus the plumber bit, this is a good casting call for Bub.

So my original plan was a yellow onesie with green "spiny" shell, yellow paint tummy, and small wig of orange "fur" with horns that elastic'd under his neck*.
The little orange wig took forever, but is super cute.

Then the yellow tummy was painted on.
And after some finishing touches to really nail the details. Time for Bubba to try it on and make sure it looks okay!

Alright folks, let's take a moment here. I adore dressing up my critters - there is absolutely no harm in having a laugh at the expense of your pets' dignity. Because at the end of the day, they're either A. going to love all the extra attention they get (Mac), or B. forget the infraction as soon as you give them some loving snuggles and some kibble (Bub). However. There is a line - they need to be semi comfortable with whatever you're stuffing them into. And this face:
Suggests some modification needs to happen. I, as an "artist" went too far before calling a work finished (I know painting a onesie doesn't really count as art, using the term lightly here).
Bubba already has orange hair - lose the wig and keep from obscuring his vision. Made all the difference in the world, and honestly? It's way more adorable now. So here's the finished Bowser costume:

Sans a Bubba in it, because by the time I detached the wig he was too busy basking in the sun for me to disturb him again. You'll just have to wait to see the whole thing together. The sunbeam gods dictate as such.

So that brings us to mascota numero dos (pet number two, keep up with me):

Mac as Luigi, the plumber who is ever-loving, slightly-bumbling, and never-wavering in his loyalty to his brother Mario. *I can just hear everyone reading this going "aww, that's totally Mac." What, you didn't just go "aww"? Go ahead and do it. I'll wait.*

Cue tutorial: Click here to teach yourself the easiest way to make authentic looking Mario and Luigi hats. When I first read that, I really thought it was too easy to be true...

Yet, it is really that simple. That last picture is me briefly debating to scrap the 2 days of sewing a princess dress that I'd put in and just be Luigi instead so I could wear the hat. If you, your friends, significant other, spouse, children have ever played a Mario game, you need to take the five minutes to make yourself a pair of these, it looks just like its supposed to - and that's really saying something for the way cartoon costumes are drawn.

After I tried it on myself and geeked out a bit, I sewed a little strap of elastic to fit under Mac's chin and tried it on him. Mac's always been a fan of hearing "Oh, how HANDSOME you look!" so he was more than happy to put up with prancing around in it a few moments. And then I figured, as much effort as I put into Bubba's costume, this one hat doesn't really seem an appropriate comparison. But dogs don't wear overalls (he would TOTALLY pee in them), so instead he got a dandy little blue kerchief with bright yellow buttons. I love it so much I'm squealing to myself as I type this, and Mac is looking at me like I've swallowed a squeaky toy.

After that we've got the Princess of the castle, and the man, the myth, the legend: Mario.

(not to scale. thanks, internet.)

That'll be for next week's post. Spoiler alert: I hate poofy sleeves and no, I did not bleach my hair blonde.

In the meantime: Do you have a collection of grocery store plastic baggies? Do they take up an entire drawer, or some other space in your house you want to reclaim? CHANGE YOUR LIFE, MY FRIENDS. Click HERE.
I didn't make mine as pretty as the original blogger did, mostly because I didn't have an empty clorox bottle. But I did have an empty bottle of water, and if you cut the top half off for loading, the "spout" of the bottle works the same way. Tilt your head, 'cause I was so excited to share this revelation that I didn't take the time to rotate photo. DANG. That's hella awesome.

*Folks, if you are dressing your critters up for Halloween, make sure you're supervising them the entire time they're in costume. There are too many horrific ways for them to hurt themselves in any costume if left in it unattended. Don't be stupid/ sorry.


Just Me said...

So, um, I love you. Next, can you just come back to Abilene for a few weeks and be crafty for me?

Aiden LOVES Mario and Luigi (he makes this really cute "wahoo" noise for them), so I might need to figure out a way to do the hats for him.

And the plastic bag thing is a def must try.

Love you!

Kp said...

Haha, thanks! minus the part where I swore I'd never go back to Abilene, I'd love to. ;)

But seriously.
A. the plastic bag thing is amazing. and
B. if you'd like our matching set of M&L hats... well, I don't see us having too much use for them anymore. I'll just take the elastic off of the L hat and throw 'em in the wash for you. Just say the word schmoopes.

(but if I do that you HAVE to send me a video of him wearing the hat and saying "wahoo!")

Just Me said...

Awww... if you would do that for my kids, I would think you are even more amazing than I currently do. Which is a lot.

Kp said...

no big thing, chicken wing. Gimme a week to get 'em washed and in the mail - might take a bit to get through customs, but I'm happy to get them somewhere they'll find a little more use/ give a little one a smile. :)