Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bowser Bubba.

I bet you thought I was gonna make a big old post giving you a detailed photo tour of the new house now that it's all set up. Well, I thought about that. I did. And I think it's fair to say that there are about a thousand other things more interesting about my time in Mexico than where and in what order I put our books (though I set up an adorable reading corner in the living room with the papasan chair. I'm kinda pumped about it.) If you really want a tour, maybe Mac can give us one next week (he's being loaded on a plane bound for Houston as I type this. Fingers crossed for our traveling pup!). Meanwhile, I thought it would be appropriate to take some time to talk about Bubba while he's still got 48-ish hours of being the only child of the house.

I asked if maybe he'd like to give the photo tour instead of Mac. He was... less than thrilled with the idea.

Bubba in Mexico has gone through a name change. He's still Bubba on paper. But in person, he is Boo-bah. Because in Spanish, when you read the word Bubba, that's how you'd pronounce it. After the first three or four times someone called him Boobah, Fiance and I stopped correcting it, and have decided that's just who he's going to be from now on. Because inside we're five years old (collectively), so the allusion to Boobs makes us giggle.

Now he's famous enough at Fiance's work, his co-workers are sending him gifts. Bub approved of this coin in his likeness.

As an only "child," Bub's been the center of not only our attention but also the hotel staff. He's more than basked in his new found status as idol; snuggling with 110% of his snuggle ability.

That was a good spot right there.

...But without brother Mac... he doesn't exactly have an outlet for his more violent playing tendencies...
there's the wind up... aaaaaand my toe is under that blanket. yes, that very same blanket he's sinking his tiny hypodermic teeth/ claws into.

In short, I think he's doing okay here. A few days ago, when Bub and I made the move to the house for good, he seemed okay with the idea. He's been through a move enough times now, heck, he's moved 5 times if you include hotel room stays in the last 5 months. So when the box came out, he checked it out, and after a brief hiatus under the couch, resigned himself to his fate.*
*his fate on this day included an hour's car ride which was capped by an altitude difference enough to make him puke in the car (the mountains are no joke here). I know it's horrible, but since we couldn't pull over for him once he started that HORK noise... instead we laughed so hard at him upchucking in his crate, we cried (we also let him out of his crate then so he didn't have to stand in his own mess). He's okay now, promise.

Now, for those of you who do not know, Bubba is a Texas born kitty. His time there thankfully yeilded one wonderful, priceless trade: cockroach eradication. The occasional roach in your house is not a sign of dirtiness in Mexico (or in Texas). Is simply means you... are in Mexico (or Texas). Bright and early our first day in the new house, Bubba remembered his trade just like he was riding a bike ('cause you never forget how to do that they say).
his tummy didn't remember this trade as well as his brain - cue bug corpse vomit half an hour later in the living room.

He's earning his rent, that one.

Yesterday we finally started work on Halloween costumes. Those of you who know me, know this is painfully late in the game for my usual schedule, but I had to wait until I had sewing machine access.

Princess Peach beginnings, Luigi Hat and Bowser onesie...

It takes a lot of fabric to make a princess dress, did you know that? Oi. Anyway, as you remember, we're doing it up Mario Bros. style this year: Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Luigi (I decided to switch up Mac's costume because a Luigi hat seemed easier to expect him to wear for the party than a whole Yoshi suit, and I figure as he is on a PLANE right now on his way to us... I should find some ways to reduce his general trauma upon reaching his destination. Being stuffed in a big green suit with googley eyes didn't really fit there).

Bubba will be cast as Bowser (see above) - arch enemy of Mario - who can generally be described as a turtle. To Bubba's great dismay, I discovered a few years ago that if you cut out a tail hole, he fits pretty well into a 12 mo. onesie, and that has since been the base of most of his Halloween costumes. This one is no exception, and as I sewed the "spiny" green fleece shell on the back of his yellow onesie today, I couldn't help but think this is going to be the most adorably disgruntled Bowser in the history of everything ever.

It is a wonder that gato (cat, in Spanish, keep up here) has not figured out how to kill me in my sleep yet.

Maybe I should clarify that we plan to have a housewarming/ Halloween costume combo party in the next week. Otherwise it would just be preposterous to dress up my pets and Fiance. See, now it's totally normal. Right? RIGHT?

So that's Bubba... Boobah... whatever. He's settling in well, that has always just been his style - he's a very go with the flow kitty, which works well with my perpetual ability to up and move us. Wouldn't trade that furball for the world.

In other, cat unrelated news, here's a fun word everyone should
definitely learn in Spanish:


1. arrancar utilizando pinzas de baterĂ­a (car)

Uh, yup. That happened. No worries, we survived.

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