Monday, September 19, 2011

Pool Party Pouting

Fiance has a coworker with a 4 year old son who fancies himself a bit of a fish. Since free pool access is hard to come by in these parts, we invited her and her husband, and of course their adorable son, to join us at the hotel for an afternoon with pizza and swimming.

Little Dude was excited.

And he was, as they say, super travieso (mischievous). F and I had made the excellent decision to invest in pool noodles at walmart earlier in the week, and watching Little Dude cruise around the pool with them, or throwing them like spears, or using them to spurt water at his parents made the purchase a 400% return investment. Hilarity.

There's something about watching and doodling little kids that I secretly enjoy. They're like little real-life cartoons, and Little Dude was no different. How is it that even in a different language, I knew almost 100% of what his little voice cried out while he swam? Because it was exactly the same 1-sided conversation every tot has:

¡Mira! Look!
¡Mami, ven! Mommy, come here!
¡Ayudame Papi! Help me daddy! (when he first got in and was not so sure about swimming)
¡MIRA! seriously, LOOKIT!
¡NO me tocues! Don't touch me! (when he became more confident that he was all about swimming)

While he bopped around the pool, I doodled. And when I was done, I showed his mum, who was sitting at the little patio table with me chatting. She smiled and she showed Little Dude. And then I heard words that I was pretty sure I understood... but wasn't positive until I turned to him and got a tiny, very displeased, I am staring lazers into your skull right now kind of look.

No lo veo como que. I don't look like that.

And that was the end of me potentially being cool to Little Dude. I was on his poop list, and every time he looked at me after that he let me know. It's a pity that a 4 year old looking at you like he wants you to suffer is really more likely to make you laugh than feel sorry. So I apologized as best I could, and we'll just move on, shall we?

The offending doodles - Kids are always your toughest critics. :)

I'm going to try to redeem myself this weekend - we're hosting our friend R's birthday party here at the hotel, and I was asked to make the invites. I decided to have a little fun with them, so here's the starting sketch:
That would be R himself (of R&C fame). Once I've got it all nicely outlined in the computer, you'll be able to cut him out, and put your fingers through those little holes, and have a R puppet that constantly reminds you of when his birthday party is while you walk him around your desktop or kitchen table or whatever you like. The actual R is pretty pleased with them I think, so we're back to a winning streak on the caricatures. Huzzah.

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