Monday, September 12, 2011

¿No Estás Aburrido?

(aren't you bored?)

This has quickly become my #1 F.A.Q. (frequently asked question). I get it. Fiance works all day, and while he's gone, the hotel is my playground. But there can't be THAT much to do in this hotel, could there?

Well, I've been here a whole hot week, so I can't say I'd want to do this forever, but I'm keeping plenty occupied, thank you. (so to answer, NO. I'm not bored.)

I'm a bit of a creature of habit, and since this place works on a pretty reliable clock, I have a pretty reliable daily schedule:
  • 8:30/9:00 Housekeeping will knock on my door to ask if we have any laundry for them. No matter how many times I say "no, we do not, and we will not have laundry, you do not need to keep asking," tomorrow they will knock again.
  • 9:00 As long as I'm up, I might as well capitalize on free breakfast. The breakfast buffet downstairs is really pretty bomb. I would go on about their gracious selection of fresh fruits and postres (little desert doughnut type stuff), and an assortment of beans/tortillas/eggs/salsa, but I'll instead be very honest that every day I have a bowl of corn flakes with milk, a coffee, and 1 large glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. There are many things to enjoy here, but so far the juice is pretty high on the list of culinary perks living in a more "tropical" country.
  • I'll read whatever book I have for about an hour or so downstairs, and around 10:10, I'll head back up to the room.
  • 10:10 Back in the room, I'll play with Bubba for a few moments, make sure his box is clean, and check my e-mail. Then I'll get changed and head to the little gym.
  • 10:45 At the little gym, I set the treadmill to the "calorie burner" workout, and turn on the TV to Spanish cartoons. The simple language childrens' programming offers is great practice. I've become rather fond of Chavo* and Kick Buttowski, because both feature children voiced by adults... which is waaaaaay easier to understand than high pitched voices. Sorry Pitulfos (Smurfs. Woah there papa smurf, your tiny voice is impossible to comprehend!).
  • 11:15 Will see me back up to the room and maybe I'll catch the tail end of our housekeeper finishing up. She loves Bubba, and she's happy to help me practice conversational Spanish. She has a hard time slowing DOWN when she speaks though, so I only understand about 40% of what she tells me. This past week's fantastic conversations have included her cleaning my hair brush in order to have a segway into telling me she likes my long hair; her describing how she plays with Bubba under the door when I'm not there and he's crying; and my personal favorite, when she told her mother about her new favorite guest at the hotel, and how he had soft orange fur that she liked to touch. Her mother got upset and told her to be careful not to risk her job - and then she realized she had neglected to tell her mother that Bubba is a CAT, not a person. (I think this may have just been a made up story for me, but it was a good joke, so I'll go with it) Ja.
  • The afternoons are the variety of my day - some days I work on keeping our bills/ receipts straight, some days I do laundry (I do it. Not housekeeping), some days I blog, and at least one day last week I just READ, all day, which was pretty nice. Sometime later in the afternoons I'll head back downstairs to work in my "Basic Spanish" workbook, and enjoy the free daily HAPPY HOUR (that's right, my hotel serves free beer from 5-7 every day. What does yours do?!)
  • After that, Fiance returns and off we go - errands, dinner, whatever need be. We try to be back by 9/10 so F can get some homework tackled and then get to bed.
So you see, there is simply not time for me to be bored. You can quit asking. :)

This is Chavo (the dude in the green hat) and his friends (I actually do not know the tall kid's name, but the fat one is Ñoño, like Nyo-nyo.) If it wasn't a cartoon based on a live action Mexican show from the 80's, I would TOTALLY say they rip off South Park.

And just because it's about all I thought about as I watched today's Chavo episode, let's take just a second with this comparison. Indulge me. Even visually - the green hat that the ginger kid wears, the fat kid in red. In Chavo, the kid in the green hat is actually an orphan, so that's a little off, but Ñoño and Eric Cartman share a common ancestor, I swear. Every episode of Chavo I've seen has some plot point about how the fat kid is rich and entitled, the butt of every fat joke, and usually the mastermind behind some ridiculous plot to make him stand out as the best, richest, in charge (Authoritah!), or just privy to the most doughnuts. He's also a super stereotype of Germans, which ties in nicely with Cartman's allegiance within every WWII reference ever made on the show. So that makes me wonder... do the creators of South Park know about Chavo? Because the live action Chavo was definitely in the 80's, but the cartoon re-vamp wasn't until the 00's. Did South Park rip them off, the other way around or neither? It's a very chicken and egg question really.

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