Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Fact: The back of your knees can sweat.

Dudes (and dudettes) it can get pretty hot here. Just in case you didn't know.
I've been trying to put together a post about this past weekend for a few days now. It's Thursday, (and tomorrow is a day off for most - the 16th is the Grito de Independencia or Yell (Declaration) of Independence*.) So it would probably be smart to post about one weekend before the next one hits us, eh? It's a bit disjointed, because there was a lot going on, but here we go:

Friday: ¡Flautas!
Our Friends C & his girlfriend Y took us for the most authentic Mexican Flautas you can find.
Flautas are basically tacos rolled up and fried, then smothered in many delicious things (guacamole, sour cream, onions) and served up. And while I dont' have any other flautas in my culinary history to compare them to, the location C&Y took us took made some AMAZING flautas. What's this place called, you ask? Well, I don't know that it was a named restaurant, so much as it was the front porch of a very gifted flauta-making family.

Yeah, that's right. Their front porch. That third picture is the patriarch, who fries all the food in front of maybe three or four small card tables that you can sit at while you eat. If you want a pop, you ask their 5 or 6 year old daughter, who will go inside the house to grab one for you out of the fridge. Their mother is the cashier and additional chef. Highly recommended. Oh, and that other picture would be Fiance saving me from yet another jalapeño. If I may toot my own horn for a moment, I DID try the very tippy-tip of a pepper at this meal... but then chugged about half a soda. So that was fun.
Saturday: Actually Saturday was fun but I don't have any pictures.
We had another carne asada (cookout) with friends M and her boyfriend C poolside at the hotel with some friends. It was during this afternoon of excellent grilled meat, tortillas and Tecate that I realized the back of my knees were sweating. Which of course was an excellent time to utilize that aforementioned pool.

Sunday: Marcoplaza, THE HOUSE, and Cola de Caballo**.

We did A LOT on Sunday. *whew!* First stop was to check out the Macroplaza, which is a large outdoor/indoor space in the middle of down town Monterrey with small artesan stands peddling wares, up through high-scale store fronts (there were a lot of shoes for sale).

Immediately after arriving/parking, we came across one of my two favorite chains in Monterrey- One is Mascota (which means Pet in Spanish, but is usually written out as +cota because mas means more. I find this very good branding), and the other is Timo (their motto is Mas cosas y mascotas which means more things and pets. Again, good play on the word Mascota.). Which is also a pet store. Pets stores here rock because they're not just where you go to pick up a bag of cat chow. They sell some pretty crazy stuff, and this particular Timo was no different:

"Saca un foto con el tigre - 100 pesos" Is the display sign in the window
What's that mean? Fiance asks me. And so I tell him, welp, it means you can take a picture with the tiger for 100 pesos (which is like, less than a ten bucks). If you have ever met fiancé, you already know that we totally went into the Timo to get a picture with the tiger.

We looked around for a few moments, and bumped into a man who informed us that we couldn't take a picture with the tiger, because they had sold it. But there was still a jaguar upstairs if we wanted to pay 30 pesos a piece to go up and look. You know, as I type this it sounds super shady, but I promise the place was well lit and professional. In any case, we paid our 60 pesos and went upstairs.

Upstairs? Was like a mini zoo in the middle of the pet store, in the middle of the shopping center, in the middle of the city. It was crazy! And I'm fairly certain, for the right amount of money, every single critter we encountered was for sale. There are a few pictures above there, the Ocelot (which is as close as we found to the promised jaguar... maybe they sold that too), Fiance with a macaw, a crocodile, and a toucan.

The rest of the trip to the Macroplaza was interesting, but not quite as cool as the randomness of Timo. We bought bubba a new mouse toy, and me a new book in english (they only had one - it's called "The Five Children and It" and it's a children's book. But worth a laugh for only 8 pesos/ $7.50USD). Satisfied with our shopping experience, we decided to check out the new house next.

We have to drive through a mountain to get there, it's in a suburb of Monterrey, and it is really a very lovely house (I'm very impressed with Fiance for picking it out!). There's not much to say about it since our stuff isn't really here yet, so I've posted just a few pictures.
pictured above, the outside of the place. my fun little new backyard, complete with built-in grille and palm tree. a bathroom, for no other reason than to prove I took these pictures and am actually still alive, and my kickin' new bathtub. you might not see it, but there are jets. and maybe even a waterfall (there's totally a waterfall).

Oh and one more thing: Here's the view off the balcony:

*It's celebrated in a manner pretty similar to the U.S. 4th of July, with the addition of the yell. Depending on where you are at, a major government official will come out the night of the 16th and lead a cheer for the glory of Mexico. Pretty much your job as a spectator is to yell ¡Viva! loudly between chants.

**My phone's battery totally died after we left the house. Cola de Caballo is a very beautiful waterfall, and I shall share those pictures with you just as soon as I steal them from Fiance's camera.

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