Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cultural Observations: A brief photo essay brought to you by Kp

(also, brought to you by my sense of LAZY because pictures are quicker than writing a legit blog post. Sorry.)

There is an as seen on TV store in the mall. I want to shop there.

Bags of gummy bears should not be left unattended in the car while in said mall. Because your car in Mexico is it's own little oven - and instead of bears you will end up with a fruit punch scented car , and a gummy glob of various flavors (which Fiance actually really enjoyed, so maybe I do recommend leaving gummy bears in the car?)

The mascot previously mentioned in this post is from a chain called "Las Alitas," which is basically a wings joint. His name is Winga, and he's pretty awesome. Just in case you were curious.

QuinceaƱera party! (aka fifteenth birthday party, aka debutante coming of age ball, aka... well here's the wikipedia on the subject) They're really over the top extravagant balls from my understanding, which is pretty obvious from the ride these kids are in.
What's notable here to me is the number of young people dressed very well in the back of this limo truck, which is cruising without abandon through San Pedro at somewhere around 70MPH. Just not something you'd see in the states.

Also not something you'd see in the states? A mariachi band. In a WalMart. Awesome.

Fiance and I attended a birthday party this weekend, thrown by the hotel's shuttle driver in honor of his little girl who just turned 3. It was Tinkerbell themed. And honestly, it was a REALLY good time. There are tons of places all over the city to rent for children's birthday parties, and inside this one there was a bouncy castle, a jungle gym, and some other fun little play areas for the kids. The adults hang out and watch the kids for a bit, and then the clowns come out. But they're not like scary US clowns, they're HILARIOUS clowns, even for not understanding a good chunk of what they're saying. This is a crappy picture honestly, but it's right before they started the GAMES.

The games are for the kids, but they're fun to watch, and there's some adult participation too. The first game was basically hot potato, and the kid that had the stuffed crocodile when the music turned off got a prize. The second game was more fun. The kids were instructed to close their eyes, and then the clowns would walk around and plunk a few brightly colored hats on random adults. There is one fewer hat than the amount of kids playing (ala musical chairs), and as soon as the clowns said GO, the kids were to find a hat and smash it on their own heads in order to keep playing. This picture was taken mere seconds before Fiance was bum-rushed by a herd of 3-7 year olds.

And this... well this is also a rough picture to see, but at the end of the party, they bring out the cake, and after singing happy birthday, the special kid gets to flat out smash their face into the cake, then give their mum and dad a big frosting laced kiss. That's mom dad and little E up there getting sugared up.

Speaking of birthday parties - a very hearty happy birthday to R. As mentioned in my previous post, we hosted a shindig for him at the hotel on Saturday. Things I learned/ forcibly remembered from this experience:
  1. Karaoke is STUPID popular in Mexico.
  2. I still REALLY hate karaoke. Really. A lot. It's loud and you can never hear the mucis you want to hear and even if it IS a song you might want to hear it doesn't sound good because someone is screaming or screeching into the mic. I would rather a DJ that takes requests. Thankfully fiance sang enough for the both of us
  3. I won't say I'm old (because I'M NOT), but I'm too old to have the energy to stay up until 3AM drinking and galavanting. Not that I didn't give it a good effort, but oi.
  4. Having a birthday party for yourself in Mexican culture takes away some of the fun for you. Both at the little gal's party, and R's, it wasn't socially acceptable for them to really enjoy themselves until they had "received their guests." Poor little E maybe got 15 minutes on the bouncy castle before the clowns started the show, and R didn't get to use the pool until 1AM!
  5. Blowing up 50-70 balloons to put in the pool as a decoration for the big party is a really cool idea. Except the part where the pool is outside and it's windy.

So there you have it. I think we're all caught up now, and if you'll excuse me I'm back to planning Mac's glorious trip to Mexico. Ta ta!

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