Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Moving, part 1.

in 6 easy steps.
¡Hola, y saludos de Detroit!
So, still engaged (eee!), and still in the process of getting our stuff and ourselves to Mexico (um, ick). Big steps have been taken though, and I took pictures! Yay!
Step one: Pack everything we own in boxes, inventory said boxes for customs, label boxes with appropriate numbers. Rejoice in the amount of OCD crazy this activity enables. (honestly, this was kind of fun for me.)
Step two: Moving company comes and takes everything you own on a truck. This includes everything the dog holds near, dear, and familiar. Resign yourself to getting this super pathetic look from him every second of every day. Because he is scared. Commence pity party for the dog.
(Step two continued) He refuses to be more than five feet from one of us at any given time.
Step three: Check into hotel. Continue to watch dog's conflict with what his world has become as he curls into the smallest ball his body will allow. Console him with more treats than any one dog should eat in a year.
(Step three continued) Bubba, meanwhile, will make himself at home where ever his rump rests.
...and will gladly reign over his new hotel pool subjects. All day. (Unless the housekeeping staff is cleaning the room. Then he will gladly supervise them from the very center of the king size bed.)
Step 4: once it becomes obvious that you are once again getting ready to relocate, Bubba will pack himself so he can come along to what is certain to be another upgrade from house to hotel room to ... well he doesn't know yet but he's sure it's going to be wicked cool.
The dog will continue to be unsure of everything.
Particularly when everything gets loaded onto this stupid cart. For the record, I now loathe these stupid carts. So does the big tow on my left foot. But that's another story. (Bubba's in the black bag on top. It was... less than pleasant getting him in there)
Step 5: Realize that you have decided to travel with more than one car load worth of stuff. After unloading two boxes at USPS (omg that was a horrible ordeal), resign self to a very uncomfortable, long drive. (bubba is stuffed under the front passenger seat. it was the only place he fit. He was... less than pleased about the situation.)
Step 6: Arrive at future in-laws house with cat and dog. Practice Spanish diligently with false hope of 100% fluency upon impending arrival.
Step 7: Amuse self with the notion that Mac is now feeling right at home playing with FIL's dogs, while Bubba is feeling demoted from "King of the pool" to "orange house squirrel."
So that's where we're at. Fiancé has already made the move and is settling in south of the border. I've got some time to chill here at his parents' house until Friday, whereupon Bub and I will make the flight. Then we wait until it's under 85 degrees in Mexico one day and BOOM, Mac joins us end of September. The Farmily, reuinted, will rejoice. I'm pumped. It's on like Donkey Kong now people.

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