Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On parties and good byes.

Ugh. This moving business is hard. Just when I was starting to feel like this place was a home for us, the moving company dropped off enough cardboard boxes, bubblewrap, and packing tape to choke a goat. Wasn't it just a month ago I was complaining about moving? Okay then, I won't bore you all over again.

There's plenty going on around here, but not really in the crafty kind of way. Lots of travel to see friends one last time before we leave, parties and gatherings for family, and getting our ducks in a row in whatever meager downtime falls between all that. This time next month we'll be living in another country. In any case, a few fun pictures for you in the meantime.

Last weekend boyfriend, Mac and I went to Green Bay to visit my folks before the move. During mum's visit, we trekked out to the North East Wisconsin (NEW) Zoo, because I used to volunteer/work there, and because I love zoos to a slightly unhealthy level.

The Tortise wanted to come over and say hello. And then he got stuck. So that was awesome.

Then we witnessed one of the more horrific Zoo moments I've been privy to. There is a nesting pair of swans at the Zoo, and they act like the Ron Burgandys of the place: A big deal with many leather-bound books in their nest and such. To be fair, they are a big deal, it's uncommon to have a nesting pair like that, and the Zoo is quite proud of them. While we were walking across the bridge that overlooks their pond, and cooing at the young swans (yes, there may have been an ugly duckling joke in there, I'm not above it), we noticed a scuffle in the bushes.

Turns out a very unfortunate young Canadian goose had wandered into daddy swan's territory. Daddy Swanbucks wasn't having it. Now, I like critters, but I get that this is nature, and swans are some super territorial birds. That being said, a fun day at the zoo for me does not entail watching a swan kill a goose. But that's what happened. Mum ran off to find a zoo keeper - I'll be honest if I was a zoo keeper I would not be able to endure a Swan attack (they're seriously nasty, people) to try and save one of the most common water fowl in Wisconsin. I'll spare you grizzly details - the keepers waited for the Swan to calm down a bit, then fished what was left of the goose out of the area, and we moved on to the part of the zoo where you can FEED A GIRAFFE, spending a whole bunch of money on as many acacia leaves as possible to help my frazzled mother forget the trauma moments before.

And then a giraffe full-on tried to lick my boob. So I'd say all in all the day went okay.

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