Thursday, July 07, 2011


A quick painting and post before bedtime tonight.
Boyfriend, Mac and I spent the weekend at Boyfriend's cousin's cabin. It is a really lovely spot on a lake surrounded by many acres of wilderness. In the span of the last year or so, it's become one of my favorite places to be. This past weekend in particular, the cousins were nice enough to let Boyfriend and I sort of high-jack their 4th of July celebrations with the extended family at the cabin. Well, less high-jack and more add a little Mexican flair to the festivities as a pseudo going away party for the both of us.
Actually, it was the same party as usual with the same family lounging in the lake, but we added sombreros for all and tequila. It was a good time. Minus that bit where Boyfriend almost died. Rattlesnake. True story*.
As a thank you for their lovely hospitality, I painted a quick 5x7 acrylic scene featuring silhouettes of the crane couple that live on the cousins' property. They stayed on the opposite side of the lake and watched the frivolity from afar for the duration of the weekend, but the cousins explained that usually the crane couple will come up on the beach and the cousins will feed these lovely birds corn. I live for that kind of awesome nature connection.
So without further ado (because Boyfriend already went to bed, and I'm yawnin' up a storm):
*No, really. We were all down at the lake swimming/ floating in the water. Boyfriend was sitting on the shoreline with his feet in the water when he looked down and calmly proclaimed: Hey. There's a snake. When I heard him I honestly assumed he was just trying to freak people out and turned to look at him so I could tell him to knock it off. But then I spied the little snake head sticking out of the water, looking at Boyfriend and literally at a distance where he could have reached out and patted the little dude on the head. Long story short, boyfriend was able to slowly get out of his chair and inch to a safe distance away from the snake before one of the cousins carefully and swiftly relocated Mr. Rattles. But no lie, totally a rattlesnake. Kinda put everyone on edge for a little bit, but great story now that we're back home safely in suburbia.

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