Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Putting myself out there... without actually putting myself out there.

I'm not looking to be famous with this site. I just want a fun hub where I can refer people - or where someone could wander to, where they have a way to see what I'm all about.
It makes sense to me to have my resume on the site*. But I am torn friends.
Torn, because I grew up in the era of To Catch a Predator, and thus, I can't wrap my brain around the idea of putting my contact information, my cell phone number, or my address out there on the internet.
Because I fear the creepers. Creepers, not to be confused with the Reaper. I do not fear him, because Blue Oyster Cult told me not to (see also: More Cowbell).
Now anyone out there who has put together a resume will tell you, such contact information should go front and center on the top of the front page (and those who are saying WAIT you're only supposed to have one page - get a masters, and you can have two. Promise). Should. But if I'm then putting that resume up on the internets where creepers can track me down and try to force me to drink crappy lemonade... amongst other things... then I'm just not down with it.
What are our thoughts, people of the internet? Am I just being a paranoid idiot? Part of me feels like if you've found me online, then contacting me through email shouldn't be out of the question. Right? (creepers need not respond to this informal poll.)
*Resume you say? Why... I see a link in the side menu that says "Resume." Dare I click it? YES. OH GOSH CLICK IT BECAUSE I'M SO AWESOME I FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT THAT ONLINE ALL BY MYSELF. I won't lie, I did a little dance afterward. (I am aware the quality is not real great right now, but that will be changed in coming days probably weeks if i'm realistic about it.)

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