Friday, March 11, 2011

Colorful Koi.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, it's been crazy busy at day-time work here, and so I haven't been taking on too many crafty projects in my downtime. But I figured a one-night quick project might be fun. So I made Bubba a toy.
One piece of retina-burning green fabric, one piece of turcoise and white fabric, a shoulder pad I long since took out of a jacket for stuffing, and some bright gold embroidery thread = one catmip flavored koi toy.
Cats, unlike dogs, are not colorblind. If it's a really bright color, or a big contrast, they most certainly can see it, just not in the same kind of focus that a person might. Bright green is a great way to go for a cat toy (or bright red if you have it) because it totally grabs a cat's attention. As noted by Bubba's "yay I shall play with this RIGHT NOW" reaction to the finished product.* I think I'll have to start making these for the etsy shop, it was a good stress relief, and it was nice to have the "I accomplished a project" feeling in just one night.
*I might have cheated just a bit by spritzing it with a catnip infused spray.

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