Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bubba Bonding.

Wrapping up a quarter for the College. Lots to be busy with, and when I get home, mostly I want to curl up in a ball and breathe.
Don't worry, crafting wil resume soon.
This is not to say there haven't been adventures. Most recently, my little apartment hosted a guest.
A guest who I failed to get any photos of, because I'm a jerk. But his name was O'Malley. O'Malley the Alley Cat. This big orange tabby with his classy white socks, white chest, and a tiny white blaze on his nose had wandered into one of the residence halls, and just I happened to be the lady with a cat carrier and a willingness to host him until the end of the weekend when Animal Services reopened for the week. And so O'Malley came to stay the night. He was a nice enough guest, to me. He didn't really pay Bubba any mind, and he absolutely terrorized Mac (I should note that O'Malley stayed in Mac's crate in the kitchen, so this 13lb tabby instilled the fear of God in my 100lb dog from behind bars).
Today after I brought O'Malley to the good folks of the Kalamazoo Animal Services Office*, I came home to do a little damage control.
Mac got a car ride and a giant rawhide bone to boost his self confidence back up (no lie, he was scared of even the empty cat crate for a bit).
And Bubba. Well, he needed some quality time to reaffirm that he is in fact, my favorite little orange tabby ever.
He's been sitting there since I got home. And I don't see him moving any time soon. The purrfect way to snuggle the night away.
*If you're looking for an orange tabby of your own, and you're in the area - O'Malley's new name is Harmon, and he'll be available on Petfinder after the 5 day grace period (just in case he has owners looking for him).


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